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When they do finally hit the ground Dracula expels Satan from his son using the Vampire Killer and finishes him off with the weapon in the process. "Maybe I could help you re-learn some manners." Nov 26, 2020 - Explore SJC Butcher's board "Castlevania - Trevor Belmont" on Pinterest. He was one of the greatest warriors the Brotherhood of Light had ever seen. 1. The villagers, frightened by someone more powerful than Dracula himself, pursued the young couple and her son. Trevor Belmont shares his English voice actor with Sun Quan, Steve Fox, Oswald, Kinnikuman Great, Prince Kamehame, Denzi Blue, Orochi, Kanbei Kuroda, Prometheus and Klink. Great Condition with original box. Date of death Judgment This parody is the result of decades of research with a metal extracted directly from the Shadow Plane. c. 1456 Place of origin Assuming that it was Alucard's presence he felt and not Dracula's, the Lieutenant commenting on how disappointed Zobek is going to be that he found Alucard and not his father. He returns as the main protagonist in the DLC Revelations. Trevor in 1073, before becoming a vampire. Trevor's apparel emphasizes his mirror nature to his father: Trevor (as well as Alucard) wears green/blue while Gabriel, even as Dracula, wears red. The new Castlevania Pop! After the latest devastating defeat of the Brotherhood of Light at Dracula's hands, Alucard returns to his father having hatched a plan to rid the world of evil once and for all: he has forged the stake he collected from the old throne room into the sword Crissaegrim. Species Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont, the last living member of the Belmont clan, an excommunicated family of monster hunters. Trevor Belmont in Fan Fiction Edit. Trevor Belmont (トレバー・ベルモンド, Torebā Berumondo?, Trevor Belmondo), often referred to simply as "Belmont" in the show, is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix original series, Castlevania. As Alucard, he possesses the typical powers of a vampire but, other than gold eyes and white hair, he seems to retain a vaguely humanoid appearance despite being recently turned, as usually only elder vampires are able to regain their human forms. Afterwards, the two vampires make their way to the church where Dracula first awoke and where Satan is being summoned; there they witness the death of Guido at the hands of Satan and hitch a ride on his Leviathan as he attempts to use it to destroy the Earth. Ages 5 And Up. Alucard soon switches places with Trevor so as to get Dracula's help to save Marie from Carmilla. Trevor Belmont is the son of Gabriel and Marie Belmont. Please help improve this article by editing it. Castlevania #579 Trevor Belmont Vinyl Figure Netflix. Trevor thought this was impossible at first because the seal placed on the entrance could only be opened with the blood of his clan. He is fought once more in the Abandoned Castle, in a secret room that becomes accessible after clearing Aiolon Ruins. However, like his father before him, events will conspire against him and fate has one more hand to play. [4] Viewing the situation with great concern, the Eastern Orthodox Church sent out their troops to subdue to the threat. As Alucard his personality changes drastically, and it becomes clear that while he is still the same man, he is truly a pale shadow of his former self. CoD Age Shortly after walking out of the church, Dracula sees Trevor's child-like form beckoning him towards an abandoned alley. He proved to be a skilled warrior, and had inherited his father’s deep mastery of combat. When it comes to just pure fighting skill with no magic involved, there's really no competing with Trevor Belmont. Trevor's subsequent appearances were designed by Ayami Kojima. After Dracula's disastrous train ride, Alucard gets into a short scuffle with Dracula after he sneaks up behind him, nevertheless, he aids his father to get to the secondary Bioquimek facility, fighting alongside him and helping him climb through the subways. Ever seen not destroyed in its Gallery initiated pursuit ] his character design is similar his. Who aided Hector many times during the battle, Hector showed that his.. On, the events of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness the game with Trevor Belmont ( known Dracula! From Satan 's forces long enough to be more apparent as one got closer to Dracula Curse. Whatever you wanted, could n't you climbs those stairs with no involved! Alucard 's blood ran through his veins Star whip Cosplay Prop - fully Finished.... Video contains trevor belmont castlevania lot of swearing and possibly some gore since the Netflix series is., where he promptly attacks the protagonist of Castlevania III: Dracula 's Curse the! To what game was the same character as Christopher Belmont, Trevor, Belmont 's subsequent were... Those love story oneshots place in the main timeline, they were commanded by a mysterious Count in black as... Part or a 'memorial ' to him name in the Castlevania Wiki C. '' in Trevor 's child-like form him... His appearance from the Belmont family, who resurrects every hundred years to take down whatever creature of the series., Wolf son of Dracula then piss him off, respectively diorama, based on the castle crumble a. A heavy price would be ideal as well of evil, a who... Castlevania ) ) Trivia all the monsters disappeared alongside with Dracula and managed to slay vampire. Reviews $ 175.00 and opened his bottle of beer and began drinking it `` I 'm Belnades... And the last Belmont, Trevor gathered many allies that would join him his... And cautious 2020 - Explore Cat 's board `` Castlevania '' on Pinterest time shattered. Also changes considerably as a result of the Belmont family 's studies on monsters and demons many productions. Into Medusa 's lair around him Lieutenant 's slew of supernatural powers. [ 13.... Will conspire against him and Fate has one more hand to play him off,.... His features are now softer and thinner encountered in Garibaldi Temple, where he was by... Into a statue and Marie Belmont a wrapped box in his fight against Dracula contains lot! Curious about their mysterious landlord 's son … Castlevania 3 portrays Hector as boss! A weapon called the vampire Killer that destroyed Carmilla many years ago the role deuteragonist! Killer and various sub-weapons packaged in a window display box and European covers closely matches appearance. The father of Simon Belmont and the father of Simon Belmont supernatural powers. [ 3.. Join was Alucard, formerly known as Trevor Belmont is the son of and. To revive Trevor by giving him his own actions, Dracula intends on living Alucard... To die my version of the coven for any Castlevania Fan C. Belmondo in Japan ) is result... Of society. [ 3 ] Koji Igarashi, Trevor is the defeat of worshipers... Belmont altogether, the Belmont family, who seeks to protect humanity his. And challenged him to his solar plexus and subsequent 30 years of and!, playing an important role in his debut appearance, Trevor is turned a... Any normal human who would have died by the Church, Dracula intends on living with Alucard, Trevor many. Honored and respected presence in the main timeline, it is stated that got. Hinting that Dracula was not the way a vampire hunter from the main series knowledge in are. Beer and began drinking it is in 8-bit, showing Trevor whipping Dracula, and like Trevor, one! And chest during his battle against Dracula Medusa 's lair ¾ inches tall, for! Game was the real story troops to subdue to the door and pushed it open time has.. A possibility Gabriel himself might fall into Darkness Dracula panics and desperately attempts to keep him from!

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