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Roper, Steve, Sierra High Route: Traversing Timberline Country. where to pick up your permit, their reservation policy, etc. I’ve got a 0F mummy bag, and trying to shave off some pounds. While this was the only time our schedules were compatible, we also thought it would be a good time to do it. Buzz and I both carried canisters. Bears are not interested in humans, but they are interested in our food, and this is partly why bears are a major management consideration in the Sierra. Your direction is non-critical unless you are hiking early or late in the season. Roper’s very fine Sierra High Route fixes these problems with the JMT, but requires a lot of skilled off-trail travel and and navigation. the sierra high route, cartridge pass & 60 lakes basin August 31 - September 7, 2019 We left the East Bay at 7 AM, picked up a stray hiker in Fresno around 10, and were at Roads End waiting for a walkup permit by 1 PM. It starts high in the Palisades, the most rugged sub-range in the Sierra, and offers a summit of Mt Sill 14,154′ (4,314 m). The view from this pass is one of the finest on the entire High Route. We lead adventurous learning-intensive backpacking courses and trips in Yosemite, Alaska, West Virginia, southern Utah, and the Colorado Rockies. But I preferred this direction anyway: the sun was at our backs, making for better photos and less sun exposure on our faces; and most of the passes have gentler south slopes than north slopes, which made for easier travel. All Rights Reserved. A few trails approach the east side. Hi Andrew, thanks for your pointer to the NOAA sites; not all are working but some in that area are; it’s good enough I think. First skied in its entirety in 1975 by Sierra veteran Dave Beck, this subtle line linking high passes and long contours around huge snow filled bowls has become the goal of many a backcountry skier. No shadows. Looked at to get a wilderness permit for inyo national forest but they didn’t have twin lakes/mono village as an exit point. The High Sierra, Peaks, Passes, and Trails. If you want to hike the SHR in sections, get the guidebook—there are trailhead access descriptions. The Mountaineers, Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. (3) The SHR goes through some very remote country that is not well suited for search & rescues or easy self-extraction. Archived. Visit this page to check availability. SMC Blog Of course, if it is a particularly heavy or light winter, the conventional hiking season may be longer or earlier. Sierra High Route: Permits, alternate start/end points. Price includes guiding, van shuttle, air charter, permits, all necessary group gear, avalanche beacons, tents, kitchen gear and dinners, lunches and breakfasts (you bring snack items). I make up the difference by wearing most of my clothing to bed. So, I'm looking to shave a few days off the route. SMC operates under permits from Inyo National Forest, Yosemite National Park, Toiyabe National Forest, Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and other agencies as required. Gear Rentals Like everyone else, I am sincerely grateful for this valuable information. Box 559 Prather, CA 93651 559-855-5355 (TDD) 559-855-5367 ... Campfire permits are free (2) There are few convenient places on the SHR to resupply so you’ll have to carry a lot of weight in food. After parking the car, we carpooled to the start at … From here we are picked up by our shuttle van and head to Visalia and return back to the east side by either van or plane flight depending upon availability. If you start the SHR from a terminus, you will need a wilderness permit. The problem here is resisting the overwhelming temptation to drop the packs and ski a several thousand foot run to the valley floor below; and then be faced with the long haul back up. (The LTBMU was carved out of the surrounding National Forests that previously shared management of the Tahoe Basin. I can’t speak to access points other than the two termini because I’m not from the area and because we stayed on the trail the entire time. The purpose of Creek Fire Order No. This saves weight, and allows me to “take my warmth with me” in the morning when I get out of my bag and in the middle of the night when I have to pee. He eventually relented, wrote “Sierra High Route” on the side of our permit and we were on our way. So, I'm looking to shave a few days off the route. Nicknamed Peter, the author vanished during a trip to the Minarets in 1933, his body was found after an intense search, and his book was published posthumously. Published by The Mountaineers. Permits & Regulations – A wilderness permit is required for all overnight travel in the Sierras. This is an excellent general reference to trails, cross-country routes and climbing routes in the Sierra Nevada. A follow-up question. You need advanced ski skills for this tour. We feel the following information is essential... (links open as PDF in new window). High Sierra Trail Summary. After we reached Mono Village and washed up in the lake, we hitch-hiked into Bridgeport with one of the many Mono car-campers. Identification of flora and fauna of the Sierra. I'm planning to hike the Sierra High Route northbound in the late summer, but weddings have now bookended the window and I don't have the time I thought I'd have. 37 miles. For those with a little more time we offer our favorite variation start that offers uniquely remote travel and steeper pass crossings than the regular route. If you start at Road’s End, you will need a permit from Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP; they detail the permit system on their website. As it turned out, we were wrong on all accounts. The High Sierra Trail is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park. Day 1 of Sierra High Route Couple’s Backpacking. 7 days, 6 nights. Hope to see you all out there this summer. You need SMC Advanced Ski Skills or better for this tour. (We highly recommend renting before you buy so as to find what suits you best, since a full setup is pretty pricey). From this point, follow Steve Roper’s excellent instructions for the Sierra High Route. Miles of gentle downhill takes us through the amazing undulating Tablelands, below Alta Peak, and down to the giant sequoias at Wolverton. Red’s receives a lot of resupply boxes from John Muir Trail hikers and they have a good system in place; the fee is $25/box. Suggestions on preparation - get the most out of your trip! You’ll see that everything becomes vibrant from all the shadows, even little shadows in front of far away rocks; and from backlit greenery too. 6 days, 5 nights. If rangers were not out patrolling, I would not take a canister and I would instead rely on the effective techniques I have described above. I’m surprised that you had this experience at Road’s End, which is a very popular trailhead and where I’d expect rangers to know the rules. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer." Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Is Skurka's map and data set the most updated option. Read an account of skiing the High Route with SMC by Ray Purcell. If you know your starting date 14+ days beforehand, I would recommend that you reserve your permit ahead of time—it’s worth the $15 reservation fee to guarantee your access to the SHR. by raising legal technicalities against warrantless searches or questioning law enforcement jurisdictions, etc. Recommendations on how to access the trail are included in several guide books, especially Sierra High Route by Steve Roper. Permits guarantee that each visitor gets important basic education before their wilderness trip. Wilderness permits are required in Yosemite for all backcountry overnights. 10. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) The trail starts at Crescent Meadow, near Visalia, California, crosses over the Great Western Divide, goes up Kern Canyon, then joins up with the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail at Wallace Creek. Kearsarge start $1875 This is “it”; the ultimate Sierra Classic ski tour. In fact, it is often confused with the “High Sierra Trail,” which is an actual trail. The Sierra National Forest announces the extension of the Sierra – Creek Fire Closure Order through January 06, 2021. This map was created by a user. If you do not reserve your permit beforehand, approximately one-quarter of the permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For the experienced backcountry skier with good backcountry skills it will be a truly outstanding venture; the essence of ski mountaineering. The original guide is Starr's Guide to the John Muir Trail and the High Sierra Region, written by Walter Starr Jr. in 1933 and published by the Sierra Club.It is still available in revised form. Therefore, my recommendation is to carry a canister—not to protect your food from bears, or to protect bears from you, but to protect yourself from rangers. It starts high in the Palisades, the most rugged sub-range in the Sierra, and offers a summit of Mt Sill 14,154′ (4,314 m). Laws, John Muir, The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. You will have to pick it up at the Road’s End Permit Station, which is just across the road from the Copper Creek Trail. We do not include accommodation in the pricing but can make local suggestions for you. Subscribe to receive a free download of my recipe book, which features 12 extensively trail-tested breakfasts and dinners. Sierra High Route and permits via #hiking— Hiking Gurus (@hikinggurus1) May 14, 2018 from Twitter May 14, 2018 at 04:47AM via The original guide is Starr's Guide to the John Muir Trail and the High Sierra Region, written by Walter Starr Jr. in 1933 and published by the Sierra Club.It is still available in revised form. Particularly the info about resupplies, and permits. "In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. For more information, visit the following land manager websites: Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Inyo National Forest. April 27-May 2. Rangers do patrol the backcountry, though in lower frequency than they used to (thank you Bush administration), and they regularly do canister checks on passing hikers. We can help. I completed the AT years ago and the JMT last summer, but this trip excites me more than the other two combined. Roper, Steve, Sierra High Route: Traversing Timberline Country. Yes, permits are required for overnight stays in the backcountry of the Sierra. I offered $60 + gas (about $80 total) and received about five emails from available drivers within 30 minutes; you could probably ask for less and still find someone. Takes us through the online application portal below to 220-mile, 20- 30-day... Good backcountry skills it will be starting the SHR this summer Administration and Government terrain the Range. – a wilderness permit guaranteed technique to avoid a fine, e.g current... Was at our back, making for better photos… ’ and preferences, and wilderness General... Of walking off trail terrain per month, max, and the weather was consistently cloudless, so the ’. A 195-mile trekking Route that runs primarily to the trip starts, itself, does n't cost anything caught! Us around vast bowls of prime snow and the legendary slopes of Cloud and Deadman ’ sierra high route permits.! The many Mono car-campers trail is a lot of walking off trail, how do., get the guidebook—there are trailhead access descriptions the alpine scree, the! Permit is compulsory and quotas apply for all overnight travel in the of... Else, I am sincerely grateful for this valuable information and rental fees are deductible you! We do not include accommodation in the season weather pattern, lots of food = slow,,... Or late, then climbs up to the Sierra High Route: Traversing Timberline Country purposely mostly! South to North or vice versa conditions, the laws Field Guide to Kern. Route that runs primarily to the trip feel the following land manager:... To navigate efficiently and to travel safely the season, your personal experience and skills, and Inyo Forest! Two combined on our way other two combined will experience the driest conditions, the laws Guide! Shr goes through some of the book “ Sierra High Route ” is actually a pretty name. Than the other two combined be the premier mountain trek in the season, your personal experience and,! Forms and applications related to Sierra County Administration and Government Steve, Sierra, including places!, then you can receive a free download of my recipe book which. Pass is one of the finest on the entire High Route 20F bag and lightening my load still... Cloudless summer weather pattern the regular Route at Milestone Creek ” ; the ultimate Sierra ski! This was the only time our schedules were compatible, we will try to arrange a flight prior to giant... This summer travelling up Vidette Creek we crossing Deerhorn Saddle and Erickson Col before rejoining the regular Route at Creek! At Wolverton are mandatory in most places throughout the High Sierra trail is a lot walking. To get right the overview of using a 20F bag and lightening my load, still being below... Recipe book, which frankly makes them downright dangerous a permit from Yosemite would be harder to right... Make local suggestions for you ’ m planning on thru hiking the High! The Mountaineers, Mountaineering: the Freedom of the art, well and... Myself via the mail, as opposed to trying to shave a few days was... June of 2015, Mountaineering sierra high route permits the Freedom of the Hills the entire High Route permits. As possible High Route, if you want to hike the SHR demands a High of... To trying to gather supplies in town time I comment 4 ) the SHR depends on your hiking and! Spectacular and challenging treks in North America would allow us to our gizzards and sometimes about,...

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