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USS Princeton: After an Iraqi naval mine damaged the cruiser during the 1991 Gulf War, her crew fought fires and sealed cracks in the hull, then repaired electronic systems, bringing the Aegis combat system back on line within 2 hours. Three U.S. Navy warships, the cruiser USS Princeton, frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts, and the amphibious transport USS Tripoli, have been damaged by sea mines since the end of World War II. Survey teams from USS Beaufort aboard.. 19 FEB 91 (D+33) Damage sustained by USS Princeton indicates detonation of influence type mine as opposed to direct contact mine. USS PRINCETON (LPH-5) CV-37 was laid down as Valley Forge at the Philadelphia Navy Yard 14 September 1943 renamed Princeton 21 November 1944; launched 8 July 1945 sponsored by Mrs. Harold Dodds; and commissioned 18 November 1945 Capt. The USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles and the Aegis long-range air-defense system, was forced to cut its power 50 percent because of damage … John M. Hoskin s in command.. reports no stability problems and is underway on own power. The USS Princeton, a Tomahawk guided-missile cruiser, was disabled and under tow off Kuwait Tuesday after striking a mine Monday morning. In the conflicts of this century, mines have damaged or sunk more ships than all other weapons combined. As damage control teams successfully overcame flres and flooding aboard Tripoli and Princeton, Impervious,Leader and Avenger searched for additional mines in the area. Gen. Neal said the Princeton, one of the Navy’s Aegis-class cruisers, was damaged by an “influence” mine--a device designed to lie on the bottom … During those maneuvers on 18 February, Iraqi mines found their mark. Following shakedown off Cuba Princeton with Air Group 81 embarked remained in the Atlantic … It is equipped with an Aegis computer-linked … And that doesn’t include many more ships sunk or damaged by ... design contact mine that nearly sank the frigate USS Samuel ... Princeton (CG-59) fell victim to a Manta mine… Less than three hours later and 10 miles away, the guided missile cruiser USS Princeton, one of the warships apparently protecting the minesweepers, also was damaged by a mine. Operation Desert Storm again highlighted the importance of Mine Warfare with the near catastrophic damage to the USS Princeton and the USS Tripoli, and with the extensive beach defenses put in place by the Iraqis along the Kuwaiti coast. USS Cole: immediate measures to stop sinking after the ship was bombed in 2000. ; USS Tripoli reports fully mission capable with several flooded compartments. Within three hours of each other, Tripoli and USS Princeton (CG 59) were rocked by exploding mines. ; USS Princeton enroute Jebel Ali, UAE under tow of USS Beaufort. The 9,600-ton Princeton, with a crew of 360, is a Ticonderoga-class cruiser costing more than $1 billion.

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