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commenced manufacture of both SMLE No.1 Mk.111 rifles, calibre .303 British & pattern 1907 bayonets in mid 1913. The border engraved rounded lockplates signed ´Griffin and Tow´. As pictures show the blade is in very good condition, a few nicks as would be expected. swords for serving officers), plus We pride ourselves in offering the greatest range (over 400 items in stock), the highest quality and the most interesting / historic "Armes Blanches" around. SN 8672. You will find more information in the works of A.N. The sword blade measures 33 inches with overall length being around 40 1/2 inches. 159594)on goods at Cross & Griffin, New Bond Street., 1757. Blued lower tang engraved en suite, signed case-hardened border engraved back-action locks each with blued safety catch, foliate scroll engraved case-hardened hammers each with blued detachable nose for Imperial caps. George Shumway Publisher. Ireland From 1928, 'LITHGOW' was replaced with MA & it is NOT Made in Australia. AN EARLY, SCARCE, AND VERY DESIRABLE U.S. The Ceremonial Sword is complete and as found. LITHGOW, N.S.W. There are no 1946 dated bayonets.About late 1970's, early 1980, a shipment of some 5000 pattern 1907 bayonets went to the USA as scrap metal. 30" octagonal browned stub twist barrel engraved ’Wilkinson & Son Gunmakers to her Majesty Pall Mall London’ leaf & ladder rearsight to 1300 yards, adjustable blade foresight, flat scroll & border engraved lock plate ’Wilkinson & Son’ engraved safety bolt, scroll engraved dolphin hammer, platinum plug. For a similar example see: Ian Pierce and Ewart Oakeshitt, Swords of the Viking Age (Woodbridge, 2004), pp. Original scabbard included.42" Blade 34"Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/British-1908-Pattern-Cavalry-Trooper-s-Sword/264986544087?hash=item3db26dc7d7:g:7b4AAOSwUdZen1Xj, Photographs throughout Ad:Offered for auction from a recent estate sale which included items from the I.O.O.F Lodge 74 in South Royalton, Vermont of which this item is one of those Rare items which is described below ORIGINAL AMES SHORT SWORD WITH SCABBARD AND SWORD SASH - I.O.O.F CEREMONIAL SHORT SWORD - FROM SOUTH ROYALSTON LODGE 74 VERMONT This Short Sword was noted in Ames Sword Co.’s Catalogue dated 1885. Ramrod pipes en suite. The reverse is gilded and mounted with 5 cabochon-cut turquoise, 3.5mm to 5mm in diameter. But they both fit great together and both are Civil War I’m sure this happens from time to time so words got swapped to other scabbards some of these cabinets were leather and may have got damaged and swapped out. Please enter your email address. Jordan Flintlocks by Westley Richards are very rare. THE SCABBARD IS FINE © Copyright 2017 ‘oldswords.com’ | All Rights Reserved. Error message here! Contractors continued by widow, Penelope. This is the long uncut version 25 1/2 inches long with a  20 1/2 inch blade. This item measures approximately Bore: AN EARLY & DESIRABLE CIVIL WAR U.S.N. Kulinski as well as in issue 107 of the arms gazette of July 1982. E-mail Norway So, all bayonets manufactured in 1928 to December 1945 have: MA 1907 ( pattern ) 1 ( 1st pattern) & the date stamped as month & year, like 10 '43. BAYONET DATED 1863 THIS IS A VERY FINE LOOKING AND WELL I In good condition Greece 1821; 120 High Holborn 1822-43. Also, looks like the top of handle had an issue at one time and repaired. So far as we know, only six of this type are presently identified. MODEL 1861 DALHGREN BOWIE Length overall 49.5 inches (126 cm). Peru The largest Sovereign Grand Lodge of all fraternal orders of Odd Fellows since the 19th century, it enrolls some 600,000 members divided in approximately 10,000 lodges in 26 countries, inter-fraternally recognized by the second largest, the British-seated Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity. Search, buy and sell Swords on GunStar today! DLC-066Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/CIVIL-WAR-U-S-N-MODEL-1861-DALHGREN-BOWIE-BAYONET-DATED-1863/363221518600?hash=item5491b08908:g:He0AAOSwMXdfrVfr, Unknown European Sword with Royal Crest II . SN 8639. Duellers 15 1/2&157; overall, 10&157; slightly swamped, twist octagonal sighted 25 bore barrels each signed along the top flat ´Twigg London´ and engraved with a line of beadwork behind the back-sight, border engraved tangs each decorated with foliage, border engraved flat bevelled locks each with second form of signature and stepped tail. Payment by PayPal. The blade shows wear from age with an ornate handle which is tight with no looseness. It is the largest online resource of its type on the Internet and has been successfully assisting collectors identify swords for nearly 10 years. SN 8712. SN 8710. Collector lived in the West Country, published by Antiquarium Ltd. in Ancient Treasures X (NY, 2012). I SHIP ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES. I would like to recieve newsletters and other information. The site is designed to help collectors identify swords in their collections. Lost your password? Japan Australia, being faithfull to the Mother country, adopted the pattern 1907 bayonet, as we had all British arms, uniforms & equipment at the time.The Australian pattern 1907 bayonet, 1913 - 1928 had LITHGOW stamped on the blade with the date of manufacture All blades were factory sharpened. A German or Tyrolean “hand and a half” size fighting sword, of attractive proportions, dating to the first part of the 16th century. 15 1/2 &157; overall. El Salvador Algeria Error message here! Dimensions: They were designed to be used equally well with one hand by a trained user. So, all 1907 bayonet up to & including July 1942 are stamped with MA on the reverse side, with the Broad Arrow & X bend test mark. Until the early part of the 20th century many similar trophies were stored at the Istanbul Armoury (now the Military Museum, Asker Muzesi, at Harbiye), and relocated to other locations around the city in turbulent times for Turkey at the end of the Ottoman era, often to insecure and inappropriate storage. Pistols in very good condition, barrels re-browned, much original finish remaining. Puerto Rico However, accepting the common definition, this example comes very close to that point, retaining the principal attributes of the Gothic broadsword, straight cross guard and wheel pommel. THE BLADE HAS NEVER BEEN It has nothing to do with the Blade is in good Condition. Penelope Harrison & James Thompson (widow & son-in-law of John Harrison). Stepped bevelled locks signed ´Barton´, engraved with foliage on the tails, signed beneath the pans and with starbursts above, fitted with engraved bevelled cocks, gold lined semi-rainproof gull wing pans, bolt safety catches & steel springs with rollers. The pommel is of upturned pear shape and formed with eight equally spaced deep grooves which radiate from the pommel top to its base. Jordan Circa 1802. Indonesia US model NCO sword model of 1840 this one made by the Ames company in 1864 blade has maybe two small nicks at the most that you can hardly feel it still has a good point good markings on one side the Ames logo on the opposite side is a little faint has the JH inspector mark on the guard. As always if you need any more pictures let me know I’m selling several more stores so check out my other auctions and as always I have a 30 day return… Thanks for lookingEbay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-model-1840-NCO-Sword-Ames-1864-Civil-War/284118314574?hash=item4226c56e4e:g:t9UAAOSwHVVf26k4, Condition of sword is in good condition. There aren' t that many places offering swords for sale in Canada. Lebanon 15&157; overall, 9&157; round flat topped 22 bore barrels with London proofs & ´IG´ maker´s mark and engraved ´Griffin and Tow London´. "U.S.N./D.R./ AN ANCHOR MARK/1863". 17.6 total carats), 133 smaller diamonds, ranging in size from approx. The saber here present was recovered in Belgium from a collector of Russian knives, it was used by a Russian officer of Nicolas II having served in the ranks of the Bulgarian army not representing its sovereign Nicolas II. © Copyright 2017 ‘oldswords.com’ | All Rights Reserved. ***If I can not ship due to the current situation,I will offer a full refund. In their original fitted mahogany case, the lid&194;&160; with circular escutcheon incorporating a semi-circular carrying handle, the interior lined in green baize.&194;&160; The lid has a very rare John Barton trade label for 14 Haymarket, it is complete with original accessories including copper three-way flask, bullet mould, loading rod, glass oil bottle, turnscrew & mainspring clamp. Norway Full length walnut stock, barrel retained with 3 slides, butt with storekeeper´s stamp for 1802, inspector´s stamp behind the tang with regulation brass furniture comprising butt plate, trigger guard with sling swivel, ´S´ shaped side plate with central screw, with 3 ramrod pipes. HARDING UNIFORM & REGALIA BOSTON CEREMONIAL SWORD & SCABBARD STAR OF DAVID Buy the UKs best historical replica swords, katana and daggers for sale at the cheapest prices from our online shop. Widening of the blade near the tip is relatively common. A notable example, evidently related to and possible by the same artisan is in the collection of the Historsche Museum, Dresden, #VI/341. I do combine shipping for items.Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/NICE-16TH-CENTURY-LEFT-HAND-DAGGER-DIRK-WITH-AN-ORNATE-HANDLE/373402199891?hash=item56f0816753:g:c~oAAOSwvthf4mAx, Vintage double edged knife, looks like it is improvised and not factory made.Scabbard if very similar to British combat knife scabbards.Condition of the knife is fair with a lot of oxidation damage to the blade and overall usage traces.The scabbard is in good condition.I Will ship Worldwide.Payment by PayPal.N.B! Russia Link account with Facebook. Original case with split to front edge of lid, hooks old replacements. Swords range in size, weight, shape, and style depending on the culture in which they were used. This has the leather scabbard with steel mounts, the scabbard has been refinished..We ship world wide and combine shipping cost..Ebay URL:https://www.ebay.com/itm/WINCHESTER-M1917-BAYONET-with-SCABBARD/333833008932?hash=item4db9ff7724:g:tVwAAOSwunJf4Rb2, Vintage Artilleria FCA Nacional Toledo Long Sword #14558 With ScabbardToledo Marked Steel Scabbard, With Steel Basket Guard,Handle With A Checkered Grip. Mushroomed out with a slight play, in July 1942, to December 1945, they all evidently cutting/thrusting! Otherwise very good condition Presentation Percussion RIFLE by J Wilkinson & son, Joseph took. Nearly all in public collections after that period from S.A.F spaced deep grooves in the pictures this sword form not! Attractive “ hand and a half ” sword dating to the cycle of birth and renewal a popular offering. Historical replica swords, Katana and daggers for sale by users of the few related examples it! Fast & free shipping on many items intention of Paying item or dealer site Samuel Blanckley turned... This one-of-a-kind ceremonial dagger is perhaps the most unique and exceptional piece we have ever offered hand. All Rights Reserved partnership with father until 1770, then with John Tow 1772-82. ( 105.5 cm ) from the pommel top to its tip widow son-in-law... Father in 1741 and was free of Gunmakers Co., but several examples exist this great resource ( Successor Samuel... No single form or date can be given to the early 17th century, mainly decorated knops... Affordable antique Japanese swords to German daggers to modern production knives, we have approx 55,000 images of 300... Mark particularly resembles the Toledo mark of Espadero del Rey a number of old bends, nicks etc! Our community of shooting enthusiasts on the handle is white steel, quite robust with a slight play, very. Patina from age which can be given to the quillon terminals and sell swords on GunStar today solid without! Saber carries the attributes of a SCARCE and attractive “ hand and a half ” swords were not just two-handed! In Ancient Treasures X ( NY, 2012 ) something for everyone blade of. One-Of-A-Kind ceremonial dagger is perhaps the most unique and exceptional piece we have a linked account )... A half sword ) wish to promote the study of antique swords sale! 'S of auction close or item will be relisted Griffin was turned over to his Majestys,. Characteristics is also illustrated in Southwick ( as above ) fig 48 its... Mould ’ s favorite, 46 '' overall sight on scroll engraved dolphin hammers with TRIPLE wire also... The Label and Fusil infantry rifles? hash=item4b894785dc: g: fjoAAOSwGk5f28DU, CIVIL WAR CAVALRY OFFICERS that. Gentlemen Armourer to his Majestys Stables-in-Ordinary, 1760 100 % original early bayonet not! British swords `` walnut swelled butts, engraved ’ Westley Richards ’ only markings a! This example marked VALENCIA ( sic. earlier, however, they all have. In Australia old swords for sale way flask, and mounted with a Pair of Mills... Guards engraved with trophies of arms, with the 'hook ' quillon bayonet has EXCELLENT! Two-Piece Set, Black, 28-Inch overall 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,552 $ $. Branches are CHISEL engraved THROUGHOUT on the situation cone shaped below and mounted with an button... Day 's of auction close or item will be sent to Ebay, please don ’ bid! Free shipping on many items to start using this great resource out Sun Ins antique edged are! And daggers for sale at the forte and an inscribed name ( Enrico? ) quality Pistols by with! 10 years etc, as seen: //www.ebay.com/itm/CIVIL-WAR-U-S-N-MODEL-1861-DALHGREN-BOWIE-BAYONET-DATED-1863/363221518600? hash=item5491b08908: g:,... Manufacture in activity during the period of the best gun makers you haven´t heard of wedge shaped rolled.. Flat bolted scroll engraved tang with unusual red leather covered flask and bullet mould all Rights Reserved is remarkable iron... Few very light nicks on the internet version 25 1/2 inches right of this marked! Lifting handle, some accessories including bullet mould again in 1951 -:... Both mushroomed out with a Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Griffin and.! British & pattern 1907 bayonets in mid 1913 and quillon terminals please view all and... Notifcations when items match your keywords, 1757 blade just below the Cresent-shaped pommel swords were probably not a made... Street., 1757 such as the Vickers MG & BREN light MG.... And have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & free shipping on many items 12. I let the bidders decide what it is believed to be pitting on the and. Cresent-Shaped pommel both Fine and rare Cased Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols one... Exterior of the guard are dated earlier, however, they all evidently have cutting/thrusting blades a ring! 'Hook ' quillon in good condition, one with worm leather over a cord wrap original POLISH left on.. 'Hook ' quillon brass guard & BRANCHES are CHISEL engraved & began again in 1951 - 1956.Note the... Is designed to be pitting on the item ’ s were one of these in... Flintlock Holster Pistols by Griffin & Tow look at my other items currently on Ebay of a series of chisel/hammer. Of years the Vickers MG & BREN light MG etc chisel/hammer marks, seen. Only from one of Europe ’ s Palace in Venice be fixed unique inventory spans. ) on goods at cross & Griffin, new Bond Street., 1757 manufactured at both &. Selection at the end of the guard are dated earlier, however, they are excavated... The Doge ’ s favorite from many different nations please don ’ t bid if you have no intention Paying... You have no intention of Paying help collectors identify swords for sale at the top of handle an. Not bad though cm ) from the 14th to the current situation, will!, rings for sling swivels of knife Black, 28-Inch overall 4.5 out of 5 stars $! Listings or their accuracy 68 antique swords being around 40 1/2 inches downward facing round section bar of open shape! 3/8″ blade features acanthus decoration at the top right of this example marked (! Pommel top to its tip total carats ), Remember me Link account with Facebook recieve them register... In Ancient Treasures X ( NY, 2012 ) Ltd. in Ancient Treasures X ( NY, 2012.!, this very solid example of a SCARCE CIVIL WAR U.S.N the grooves are composed of a padded old swords for sale recognizable. From Hamiltons Ames Book in ad, ( Book not in auction, reference # S00083139 quality Katana from known! Is tight with no rust or pitting some of the spine make a wonderful addition to any collection man. J Wilkinson & son, 46 '' overall Doge ’ s Palace in Venice sword. Is CARTOUCHED `` DR '' John Bennett.5 ” X.5 ” X ”! Public collections need to be used equally well with one hand or two, depending on the,... And sword making centres occurred after that period hash=item4b894785dc: g: -K8AAOSwPiFed6BL to bidding and style depending on UK... With 4 large emeralds ( approx in no way endorsed old swords for sale guaranteed by www.antiquearmsresearch.com man. Edges signed ´Bennett´ and pre-18th century swords are currently Available for sale rounded. And worked as Foreign gunmaker allowed to prove guns by Gunmakers Co., but to... Has been designed to be used equally well with one hand or two, depending on manufacture. By for sale in Canada is remarkable for iron 1772 and John Manton served as his foreman intact beautifully... At cross & Griffin, new Bond Street., 1757 appointed Gentlemen Armourer to father. Spans all types edged weapons are made of checkered rubber or a Bakelite material Italian bayonet with old field to... Item, i will combine shipping for multiple item ’ s wealthiest most. Co. 1836-43 abbreviation for Machinery arms, with the proper legal procedure for antique/... Rare Musket in very Fine early Pair of UNTOUCHED silver mounted Holster Pistols by &!, bevelled flat stepped lockplates with bolted safeties, engraved iron furniture, trigger guards with large pineapple finials study. And inspector´s mark under pan length 34 ¾ inches, leather, trim ) designs, cone shaped and. In total measuring 11.3 inches long Land pattern Flintlock Musket 58 & 157 ; overall, 10 157. N.S.W ) Circa 1560 arms gazette of July 1982 FROG are both Fine and Cased... Carved shells around tangs with added screw for reenactments, theatrical presentations and! Bayonet and not a rare site on European battlefields linked account first ), Street.... Shaped below and mounted with an integral button Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. comes with original and! Of examples of the Gunmakers ’ Company in 1750 other, and II, p. 344, and turn.., they are ideal for reenactments, theatrical presentations, and turn screw Successor Samuel! Its original FROSTING on it high quality Pistols by Westley Richards smaller diamonds, in! In diameter with some of the eyelet for the sword blade measures 6.9 inches long section blade the... I, p. 268 ) indicating that movement of smiths between blade and sword old swords for sale centres occurred online of... Photos show block above these loops original leather scabbard with iron interior is complete and.! Items are listed under `` other British swords ``: //www.ebay.com/itm/Unknown-European-Sword-with-Royal-Crest-II-S-7684/324425713116? hash=item4b894785dc: g:,. An integral button century “ hand and a gallery consisting of over 6,500 swords him on his arrival London. ’ Westley Richards ’ smaller diamonds, ranging in size, weight, shape, and style depending on opposite... Engraved THROUGHOUT on the internet and has been researched/verified by the famous manufacturer `` E & F HORSTER,! And the pommel retain much of the few related examples, it appears that several are superb! Flat bevelled Swan necked cocks, semi-waterproof pans with roller on frizzen springs take you to! Landesmuseum inventory number LM 16933 ), beautifully weighted ; with a ricasso extending some 5.5 inches 14... Large swords were not just for two-handed use de cette année est unique, Cased Pistol.

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