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John C. Bogle founded the $100 billion Vanguard Group, Inc. in 1974 and continues as chairman and CEO of each of its mutual funds. A higher portfolio turnover rate may indicate higher transactions costs and may result in higher taxes when Fund shares are held in a taxable account. Now, in this completely updated Second Edition, Bogle returns to take another critical look at the mutual fund industry and help investors … Common Sense on Mutual Funds | John Bogle. What Is Mutual Fund Core and Satellite Investing? Which Is Best, Mutual Funds, ETFs, or Both? All rights reserved. We spoke briefly … Should current or prospective shareholders need any investment forms or documents, please click on the links below or please call shareholder services at 1-877-264-5346. “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” by John Bogle is a substantial book. John Bogle, Bogle on Mutual Funds: New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor, Dell, 1994, ISBN 0-440-50682-4; Mark T. Hebner, Foreword by Harry Markowitz, Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors, IFA Publishing; Updated and Revised, 2015, ISBN 0976802317 Investment > Mutual Funds. "CUSIP" is a registered trademark of the American Bankers Association. The Investment Gospel According to Jack Bogle: “Don’t look for the needle in a haystack. He may be best known for his relentless teaching and preaching on the virtues of index investing. I interviewed Jack Bogle last week on his 10th anniversary edition of Common Sense on Mutual Funds, which I'll write about shortly. Responses to any inquiry that may involve the rendering of personalized investment advice or effecting or attempting to effect transactions in securities will not be made absent compliance with applicable laws or regulations (including broker dealer, investment adviser or applicable agent or representative registration requirements), or applicable exemptions or exclusions therefrom. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. © 2021 Bogle Investment Management. Bogle likes to offer as complete an argument as he can for low cost index funds, and I personally found it quite a bit beyond what I was expecting. Bogle is the founder of the Vanguard family of mutual funds. The Fund invests in small capitalization companies which may be more volatile and less liquid due to limited resources or product lines and more sensitive to economic factors. For performance current to the most recent month-end, please call shareholder services at 1-877-264-5346. Fund holdings and sector allocations are subject to change and are not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. The 5 Mistakes Keeping You From Getting Rich in the Stock Market. NAVs are subject to revision by NASDAQ of any underlying securities prices. JOHN C. BOGLE is founder and former chairman of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds and President of its Bogle Financial Markets Research Center. Amazon. Mutual Fund Semi Annual Report This book is for those who want to invest intelligently in mutual funds in the same way that Benjamin Graham advised individual investors of stocks and bonds in THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR. Bogle has not reviewed any of the web sites that may be linked to the Site, and is not responsible for their content. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Speaking to the CFA Institute in May, Bogle offered a few simple observations on the problem of fund managers. JOHN BOGLE – HOW TO BUILD A WINNING MUTUAL FUND PORTFOLIO 2 DISCLAIMER The information presented in this eBook is based on the book Common Sense on Mutual Funds, authored by John C. Bogle. Mutual Fund Statement of Additional Information Expense Ratios If Waivers and Reimbursements Were Not in Place Bogle is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other web sites. This eBook intends to educate and inform investors. As mutual fund investors, we need to thank Bogle for helping us to get more from our mutual funds John Bogle changed the mutual fund industry by reducing costs and helping investors to earn higher returns.He passed away on January 16, 2019, at the age of 89. Mutual Fund Combined IRA Investment Application Shareholders of record on December 7, 2020 will receive the distribution on December 8, 2020. You should evaluate the information made available through this website, and you should seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, to evaluate any information and materials. The Fund declared a distribution of $3,199,875  on December 8, 2020. The CUSIP Database, © 2011 American Bankers Association. In the absence of fee waivers, total return would be reduced. John Bogle has studied mutual funds in-depth since 1949, when he began his senior thesis at Princeton University before joining the industry in 1951. JOHN BOGLE: Fidelity has figured out that the only way to get big in this business is to charge nothing, or more accurately, to have zero-cost index funds that are subsidized by … The Fund is offered only by prospectus, which contains information about the Fund's investment objective(s), risks, and charges and expenses. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, so that an Investor's shares upon redemption, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The Vanguard Group founder, who died Wednesday, was worried that index funds … The distribution represents $1.54 per share in short-term capital gains and $0.09 per share in long-term gains. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. For definitions of the fund characteristics above, please refer to the glossary of technical terms. Mutual Fund Direct Investment Application What Exactly Are Index Funds and Why Are They Good Investments? This Site is limited to the dissemination of general information about the services provided by Bogle. Russell dos not promote, sponsor or endorse the content of this communication. Kent Thune is the mutual funds and investing expert at The Balance. No further distribution of Russell Data is permitted without Russell's express written consent. Jack Bogle invented the index fund, but was dismayed when it morphed into an ETF. Bogle: The Problem With Target-Date Funds. After creating Vanguard in 1974, he served as chairman and chief executive officer until 1996 and senior chairman until 2000. Since the first edition of Common Sense on Mutual Funds was published in 1999, much has changed, and no one is more aware of this than mutual fund pioneer John Bogle. Institutional Shares 1.38% For the year ended 12/31/20. Mutual Fund Annual Report Nothing contained on this website constitutes an offering of interests in any Bogle market-neutral fund. John Bogle: The founder of The Vanguard Group, and a major figure in the index investing community. Institutional Shares 1.25% For the year ended 12/31/20 Shareholders of record on December 7, 2020 will receive the distribution on December 8, 2020. The Fund declared an ordinary income distribution of $134,580 on December 8, 2020. Mutual Fund Direct Investment Application, Mutual Fund Entity Investment Application, Mutual Fund Combined IRA Investment Application, Mutual Fund Certification of Beneficial Owners, Mutual Fund Statement of Additional Information. To this day, the fund is one of the best S&P 500 Index funds and Vanguard investments are among the best and favorite of mutual funds for the do-it … Bogle Investment Management is an employee-owned investment boutique founded and SEC registered in 1999. Common Sense on Mutual Funds Summary provides a free book summary, key takeaways, review, best quotes and author biography of John C. Bogle’s book regarding mutual fund investment. Mutual Fund Entity Investment Application His best-selling is Bogle on Mutual Funds (1994). Here are some of the best John Bogle quotes on mutual funds and index investing from various sources, such as his public speaking and some of his books, such as Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor: John Bogle's investing philosophy led him to create the first index fund available to the general public, Vanguard 500 Index (VFINX) in 1976.

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