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Kaala was once the lord of the House of Onyx until he was imprisoned within the Black Diamond. Toxic, Graffiti, Goon Command, Explosives. In this game, he's mostly focused around experiments turning people into monsters. Illumination, Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Impact, Lantern, X-Ray, Vent. Boomerang, Boost Lift, Deflect, Mind Control, Twirl Socket, Telekinesis, Strength, Smash. He's got super strength, size, and the ability to swim. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? In combat, though, he's known to employ one of several trick umbrellas which could be armed with a variety of weapons. This particular one is Axel Walker. The sentience then decided it wanted information on metahumans, so it became its own character, cobbled together from Cyborg parts. For LEGO DC Super-Villains on the Xbox One, Guide and Walkthrough by Grawl. LEGO DC Super-Villains › Deadshot. Nintendo Switch 34,90 € 34,90 € KOSTENLOSE Lieferung. He's most commonly a villain of Batman. Heat, Flight, Deflect, Stealth, Illumination, Vent. Sandra Woosan is Lady Shiva, an extremely adept combatant and foe to an old DC hero named Richard Dragon. Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Acrobat, Smash, Strength. The Firestorm Matrix is a composite of multiple people in a single nuclear-powered superbeing, mostly centered around Ronnie Raymond. One of the finest magician heroes, Kent Nelson gains much of his powers from the Helmet of Nabu, which was owned by an even greater ancient magician. Graffiti, Goon Command, Acrobat, Sonar, Mind Control. The LEGO DC Super-Villains pre-game Options window will appear. Gordon generally doesn't approve of Batman's vigilante methods, but feels he's necessary to combat Gotham's crime problem. Heat Bolts, Grapple, Sonar Bolts, Acrobat, Explosives, Security, Rebound, Twirl Socket, Tech. Beyond that, she has powers very similar to Wonder Woman, and her origins often give her a history with the Amazons. He has the standard power set of a Green Lantern. She can also ensnare men with her pheromones. Grapple, Graffiti, Flight, Explosives, Toxic, Strength, Smash. Grapple, Flight, Acrobat, Mind Control, Illumination, Vent. A version of Deadshot based on his appearance in The New 52 reboot is included in a DLC pack inspired by the Suicide Squad. She became more involved with the mainstream later on in comics and is connected with the League of Assassins. Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Security, Lantern, Impact, Illumination, X-Ray, Vent. Goon Command, Flight, Omega Beam, Mind Control, Boost Lift, Toxic, Strength, Smash, Rebound, Telekinesis. Toxic, Detective Mode, Ice, Heat, X-Ray, Transform, Strength, Smash, Toxic, Detective Mode, Ice, Heat, X-Ray, Transform, Strength, Smash, Security, Flight. Heat, Detective Mode, Strength, Smash, Illumination, X-Ray, Tech. LEGO DC Super-Villains is the first LEGO game to put players at the center of a villain-centric adventure packed with favorite locations and characters from across the DC universe. Dr. Jonathan Crane is a former psychiatrist who is obsessed with the concept of fear. He defected to serve Darkseid. Lex Luthor's personal assistant, Mercy has no powers or abilities, but she is a talented bodyguard and fighter. Jor-El sent his only son to Earth, where he learned of the incredible abilities granted to him by the Earth's yellow sun. Unfortunately, this is coupled with a severe inferiority complex as he worked so hard through his life to get where he was, and yet a man in red and blue swoops in with incredible powers and gets all the adoration. He's mostly known for being super strong and ruthless. John Corben was a criminal who suffered a near-fatal accident. While he has no metahuman powers, he has a genius-level intellect and can create devices that use and focus light to empower him. He is a superhero that can contort himself into any shape imaginable. Deadshot is a villain from DC comics who is often a foe of Batman. Scott Free is Mister Miracle. He was also present during Lord Vortech's scalding, and was one of the three to grab hold of the three heroes, he however left. She's had a lot of backstories, but the current one is that she's a linguist who was looking into the Amazon society and ended up turned into a part-cheetah through a ritual that the Justice League were unable to save her from. One of the denizens of Apokolips, Steppenwolf is actually Darkseid's uncle. Earth, Chlorokinesis, Deflect, Mind Control, Heat, Glide (Advanced), Vent, Telekinesis. He also wears a pair of shoulder pads. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, a galactic peace- keeping force. One day his mother convinced his brother to kill his father. Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl has had several identities and histories, usually inexorably tied to Hawkman. DC Universe Illumination, Graffiti, Explosives, Drone, Tech, Sonar. A lot of bad magic combined together to make the giant zombie known as Solomon Grundy. His powers include intangibility and teleportation. Illumination, Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Lantern, Impact, X-Ray, Vent. Floyd became a sharpshooter under the name "Deadshot", and claims to have never missed a target. Trained in psychiatry, chemistry, and biology, Professor Hugo Strange has no powers, but is a criminal mastermind and was one of the first villains to deduce Batman's identity. he changes into a magical caped hero with fantastic powers. He first appears as a villain to the Flash. Thaddeus Thawne is also known as "Intertia" and "Kid Zoom". In essence, the ring is the true villain here, while Harold is just along for the ride. He's a long-time member of the Justice League. She is a former member of the military who was discharged for a relationship with another woman. Deadshot VOICE. Jackson Hyde is Aqualad, the son of Black Manta. Leslie Willis was a shock jock on the radio before being struck by lightning, which gave her the powers of controlling electricity. Small in stature, but big in brains, he can convert even the most innocuous of items, such as household appliances, into death traps. Harold Jordan of Earth-3 is one of the most cowardly humans from his home planet. Garfield "Gar" Logan is Beast Boy, one of the former members of the Doom Patrol and currently of the Teen Titans. Toxic, Flight, Deflect, Ice, Heat, Strength, Smash, Vent, Tracking. LEGO DC Super-Villains ... Next time he goes to charge. He has no abilities, but he's quite smart and dedicated to his precision. For LEGO DC Super-Villains on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 72 cheat codes and secrets. The Talons are talented fighters and killers, and enemies of Batman. An important figure in Apokolips, Kanto actually spent time on Earth in Renaissance Italy, which is where he picked up his snazzy costume. One of the Female Furies of Apokolips, Mad Harriet is the most unpredictable of the team. After his falling out with the Corps, he fled to Qward, where the Weaponers fashioned him a yellow power ring, which allowed him to control the emotion of fear. Flight, Electricity, Strength, Smash, Illumination, X-Ray, Vent. She's kinda famous for having a large number of retcons and revisions to her origin story, to the point that she at one point becomes an amalgamation of all her origins. Nur noch 7 auf Lager. While there have been multiple Batgirls, this is clearly the most popular Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, in the design that she adopted in 2014. He's a member of the Justice League. Flight, Electricity, Detective Mode, Acrobat, Heat, Toxic, Strength, Smash, Illumination, X-Ray, Tech. He's ruthless, but is often seeking his father's approval. Deadshot, along with Deathstroke and Mad Hatter can be unlocked during free play, in the mission "Big Trouble in Little Gotham". He is only available in handheld versions of the game, in which he is unlocked for purchase after finding the second minikit in Brawl at City Hall. The current Mirror Master is Evan McCulloch, successor of the original, Sam Scudder. He has high strength and often rides upon a frame that lets him fly through space and battle with the weapons on it. William Tockman is the original Clock King, a villain who coordinates his crimes around precise timing. He serves Highfather and longs for the day he fulfills the prophecy where he ends his real father. LEGO DC Super-Naughty Game Switch. A simple cat from Earth, Dex-Starr became a Red Lantern after a series of tragic events. SHOW COMMENTS (0) FRANCHISE RELATED . Drone, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Grapple, Glide (Advanced), Explosives, Security, Rebound, Illumination, Tracking, Tech, Stealth, Sonar Bolt, X-Ray. Aesh. ©2018 The LEGO Group. He became an incredibly talented archer in the process. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. Toxic, Flight, Detective Mode, Heat, X-Ray, Tech, Strength, Smash. Register Start a Wiki. Now, assemble the Fuse Box and enter it. There have been two people to use the name Trickster, the acrobat James Jesse and the teenage hoodlum Axel Walker. Floyd Lawton is the assassin and sniper known as Deadshot. He has no powers, but is a smart and accomplished thief, and his weapon of choice is a freeze gun of his own design. Dig, Detective Mode, Acrobat, Smash, Security, Flight, Wall Climb, Tracking. Each Lantern has a Power Ring that allows them to shape their thoughts into glowing green matter. A mischevious being from the 5th Dimension, Mxy is mostly out to cause trouble. Have Deadshot use his Detective Mode and pull the orange hook down. Heat, Flight, Electricity, Deflect, Lantern, Impact, Illumination, Security, Mirror Portal, Mind Control, Vent, Telekinesis. Embark on an all-new LEGO open-world adventure by becoming the best villain the universe has seen in LEGO DC Super-Villains. As a result, he became beyond powerful and could enslave others to his will. He was first the villain of Doctor Fate and Hourman. Flight, Dig, Detective, Heat, Toxic, X-Ray, Tracking, Security. She can use her energy whips to attack and drain energy from her foes. He made his name by escaping from their famous X Pit and his experiences there made him an incredible escape artist, in addition to the usual boon of being an immortal and powerful New God. He had used a chemical to fix imperfections in his face, and ended up reliant on the chemical to the point that he got doused in it. This is Winslow Schott, the villain who used toys in his crimes and was an enemy of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive. Krypto was introduced as a canine companion for Superman way back in the Silver Age of comics. In LEGO Batman 2, Deadshot wears a boxy silver helmet with metal plating and a red-lensed eyepiece placed over his eye. Deadshot A bomb collar is around his neck, yellow packets are over his heart, and a pattern of arrow-shaped metal armour begins under Deadshot's chest and continue down under his waist until it segues into a codpiece. Earth, Dig, Chlorokinesis, Acrobat, Toxic, Grapple, Goon Command, Floral Toxin, Mind Control. If you can believe it, this is the Lex Luthor of Earth-3, only he has the same powers that Billy Batson, Shazam, has. In this LEGO mobile adventure, the dynamic duo join forces with other famous DC Super Heroes including Superman™, Wonder Woman™ and Green Lantern™ to stop the notorious villains Lex Luthor™ and The Joker™ from destroying Gotham City. LEGO DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition | Xbox One - Download Code. Now, head to the right and use Detective Mode with Deadshot … Toxic, Grapple, Fuse Box, Dig, Security, Scale, Impact, Transform, Vent. Kate Kane is a superheroine who operates in Gotham City, similar to Batman. Heat, Toxic, Flight, Security, Illumination, Vent, Tech. Deadshot is a hired assassin and the world's greatest marksman. Mind Control, Boost Lift, Telekinesis, Strength, Smash. He was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone when the planet blew up, so when Superman released him, he tried to take over the Earth with his newfound Kryptonian powers. If this is your first time playing a LEGO game, we recommend that you select the Rookie Villain option. One of Darkseid's offspring, Kalibak is a legendary warrior in Darkseid's service. An elemental sorceress, Jinx draws her power from the Earth, and as such must constantly be touching ground in order to channel her power. In the comics, Atomica was part of the advance team looking to bring the Crime Syndicate over to the main Earth. She tends to be difficult to control, and several storylines see her going off the rails. He originally had the status of a joke villain, but in recent years became more dark and disturbing. Despite looking like a chipmunk, he's actually an alien Green Lantern, with the same powers all Green Lanterns have. He rules over Atlantis, is a founding member of the Justice League, and has many ocean- related powers, including the ability to communicate telepathically with ocean life. Here’s how to unlock all Lego DC Super Villains codes and cheats. Goon Command, Drone, Dig, Acrobat, Stealth, Illumination, Grapple, Wall Climb, Tracking, Tech. LEGO DC Super-Villains is the first LEGO game to put players at the center of a villain … The last of the Czarnians, Lobo nuked his planet as a science project and gave himself an A. Deadshot has a belt above his waist, and a pair of silver trunks on his legs. LEGO® DC Super-Villains Season Pass $5.99 LEGO® DC Super-Villains Aquaman Bundle Pack $1.99 LEGO® DC TV Series Super-Villains Character Pack $1.99 LEGO® DC TV … He earned a lot of popularity after his portrayal in the Justice League cartoon. He's also a tactical genius and is a constant antagonist of the Teen Titans. He has no powers, but wears a spacesuit with some cool capabilities, and carries a pair of energy pistols. At all times, Raven must keep her emotions in check or else she'll lose control of her powers. Games Movies TV Video. The game will launch. Barda began life as one of the Female Furies on Apokolips. Sonar, Security, Acrobat, Wall Climb, Treadmill. After the loading screens, the Main Menu will appear. Through her criminal actions, she soon discovers she has an immunity to most toxins, and the ability to produce toxins from her own bloodstream. He has incredible aptitude for manipulating reality and just being an all around pest, especially to Superman. He continues to wear a tight red costume, but it is split open at the chest to reveal layered metal. Wally West is another Flash. PC / Computer - LEGO DC Super Villains - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet! Though not as plain as his original version, his costume is less busy than his regular-game version. And he's from Australia. The original copy that went wrong, Bizarro was a clone of Superman with chalky white skin and a very childlike demeanor. Michell Mayo is the largely joke villain known as the Condiment King. He also has a mech spider walker that he rides around in. The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the Protector of Gotham City. Test: Lego DC Super-Villains (Action-Adventure) von Mathias Oertel , 18.10.2018 Einseiter 1 2 Fazit Pro & Kontra So testet 4 Players The counterpart from Earth-3 to Batman, Owlman was born on his world as Thomas Wayne Jr., brother to that realm's Bruce. Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Lantern, Impact, Illumination, X-Ray, Vent, Security. Goon Command, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Tech,Mind Control, Graffiti, Twirl Sockets, Tracking. For the first time, a LEGO game is giving you and your family the ability to play as a super-villain, unleashing mischievous antics and wreak havoc in an action-packed, hilarious story written in collaboration with DC Comics. Blue Beetle has been Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and in this instance, Jaime Reyes. His powers include flight and being able to absorb energy and redirect it. She has the same size-altering powers that the Atom has. Patrick "Eel" O'Brien was a petty criminal until exposure to those wacky chemicals gave him superpowers. Illumination, Grapple, Detective Mode, Acrobat, Tech, Stealth. He was introduced as the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al-Ghul, who had spent his early formative years in training with the League of Shadows, then came into Bruce's life without him having prior knowledge of Damian's existence. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He wears yellow gloves and has a silver belt around his waist. Wikis. He has powers of metamorphosis and supplements these with his acting skills to adopt disguises and other personas. Toxic, Flight, Electricity, Security, Illumination, Transform, Stealth, Smash, Strength, X-Ray, Vent. von Warner Bros. 4,7 von 5 Sternen 21. Heat Bolts, Grapple, Explosives, Acrobat, Tech, Sonar Bolts, Rebound, Twirl Sockets. Flight, Explosives, Illumination, Toxic, Telekinesis, Stealth, Rebound, Vent. He was teleported through a "Zeta Beam" to the planet Rann. Given the complications of speedsters, especially with regards to the Flashpoint event, I'm not even going to try to parse exactly how he's related to Barry Allen. In addition to the ability to control fire he can also fly. $99.99 Add to Cart. Michael Jon Carter is a time traveling superhero from the 25th century. Graffiti, Flight, Explosives, Acrobat, Tech. She tends to be a little too violent in her methods, but still has a sense for justice. He has no abilities, but apparently had the wherewithal to rig himself a weapon system that allows him to shoot condiments at his foes. He is an assassin for hire who frequently battles Batman and the Justice League. Katar Hol is Hawkman, an exile from the planet Thanagar. Through a series of betrayals and coups, he became the lord of Apokolips and dedicated his existence to discovering the Anti-Life Equation, which would give him power over all creation. Toxic, Dig, Acrobat, Vent, Tracking, Wall Climb. He has similar powers that Grodd later obtained. Since then he's been reimagined in modern day as an Apokolips villain, with a similar body, but less distinct features. Incarnations View all 16 versions of Deadshot on BTVA. One of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, Darkseid was born Uxas on Apokolips. He is one of several characters to use the name Reverse-Flash, which is basically just a villain version of Flash, really. Tara Markov is a girl with the power to move the earth. The leader of the Female Furies, Lashina is a talented strategist, but also a skilled combatant in her own right. The third Robin to bear the name, Tim Drake sought out and learned Batman's secret identity. She's a villain of Superman, who tends to have a tough time dealing with beings of pure energy. Tatsu Yamashiro is a master martial artist who possesses a katana capable of taking the souls of anyone she has killed. He's known for wanting to conquer both the city and the wider world through his powers of mental manipulation. They initially served as villains of the Doom Patrol, and later the Teen Titans. Combined with the strength and longevity of the Amazon warriors, she also possesses armor forged by the gods and a Lasso of Truth. Sometimes he wears a tiger mask, but not in this game. As might be expected, he works with claws and a tiger motif. Toxic, Boost Lift, Boomerang, Heat, Strength, Smash. Glide (Advanced), Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Rebound, Illumination, Wall Climb, Tracking, Stealth, Security. Glide (Advanced), Drone, Deflect,Mind Control, Grapple, Goon Command. Arthur Light is a criminal physicist who uses beams of light to assist in his crimes. He largely maintains the Watchtower. After being freed, he killed the other Inversions and used their blood to realize the Red Light of Rage. He and Orion square off often in his fight against the New Gods. His mania over his loss made him snap and turned him into Kite-Man, a villain who rides around on a kite. He's the military general of Apokolips' armies, and is a formidable combatant in his own right. He's extremely intelligent, and the only other man besides Batman that Ra's al-Ghul has referred to as "detective". Smash, Illumination, Flight, Telekinesis, Strength, Sonar, Vent. After meeting Scott Free, Mister Miracle, she fell in love and turned away from Darkseid. Use Boomerang to blast the silver bars to reveal another spore to punch to pieces. He was originally a villain of Green Arrow. His origin changes depending on the writer, but in all cases, Klarion is a young boy with magical powers and a nasty temperament. In addition to her powers of a sonic scream, she is also by far one of the finest martial artists in the League, rivaling even Batman for ability. A newer Green Lantern, Jessica was originally taken by the Ring of Volthoom, formerly owned by Power Ring. Billy Batson is a foster child who was chosen by the wizard Shazam. Toxic, Glide (Advanced), Smash, Mind Control, Transform, Telekinesis, Strength, Vent. Trigon transformed Jones into a being of considerably psychic power, a villain against the Teen Titans. He rebelled against his creator and joined the Justice League. She sometimes acts as a hero, sometimes a villain, but most often in her own self-interest. He has the uncanny ability to shapeshift into almost any animal form, an ability he developed as a result of his parents experimenting on him. Heat, Toxic, Graffiti, Mirror Portal, Mind Control, Illumination, Vent, Telekinesis. He's also a skilled spear and sword fighter. One of the high-ranking officers of Apokolips, Vundabar is a commander of its armies and employs a large contingent of Parademons in his schemes. He's a billionaire who ended up stranded on an island and had to survive for years with just a bow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Grapple, Detective Mode, Boomerang, Acrobat, Tech, Stealth, Security, Twirl Socket. This is the Firestorm of Earth-3. Once the ward of Green Arrow, Roy Harper was then known as "Speedy", before coming into his own as a solo superhero. Scale, Fuse Box, Acrobat, Vent, Tech, Sonar, Security. All I know is that his appearance matches his current costume in the comics. He has enhanced strength and agility, and the serum damaged his mind a bit, making him considerably unpredictable. This is the name of several characters, all with a connection to Deathstroke. Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Lantern, Impact, Illumination, X-Ray, Vent. Depending on the continuity, his abilities lie within his staff, or they're part of his very being. The program created these robot sentries in order to serve Lord's will. Teth-Adam is Black Adam, an ancient Egyptian man who gained powers similar to Shazam, and thus is a villain to him. Mick Rory is Heat Wave, a villain and enemy of the Flash who uses a hand-sized flamethrower as part of his crimes. J'onn J'onnz is one of the last living Martians, and a founding member of the Justice League. He has considerable ability to manipulate the wind, which he can cast at his enemies, and use to fly as well. He wears a special suit to prevent the heat from affecting him, flies around, and has a flamethrowing gun. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. In addition to being a competent martial artist, he also has an internally implanted device in his head that allows him to mess with the balance of his foes, giving them a sense of vertigo, hence his name. He's a master contortionist, and can secrete venom through his teeth with a bite. This odd fellow started life in comics as "Egg Fu", a weird egg-shaped villain with a distinctly Asian mustache and features, and was definitely part of a slightly less sensitive time. Heat, Flight, Security, Illumination, X-Ray, Vent. Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Acrobat, Security, Strength, Smash. This is actually two characters: Mallah the intelligent ape, and his benefactor, the Brain, a scientist who is currently little more than a brain in a jar. Includes 4 items: LEGO® DC Super-Villains, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham, The LEGO® Movie - Videogame Package info. I'm on a level with Harley, Deadshot Ivy and Dr Doesn't-Talk-Much, trying to get to a TV studio to broadcast Harley's footage . Batman™ and Robin™ return in LEGO® Batman: DC Super Heroes for mobile. Heat, Flight, Detective Mode, Stealth, Security, Mind Control, Vent, Transform, Telekinesis, Tech, X-Ray, Heat, Detective Mode, Boost Lift, Mind Control, Transform, Telekinesis, Strength, Smash. Fire his guns at enemies and activate a special suit to prevent the heat from affecting him, the. His eye the brilliant Mind of Batman 's tutelage a Green Lantern from Earth Deflect! And an enemy of Green Arrow the 76053 Gotham City as a science project and himself. On an island and had to survive for years with just a bow that Green. Lawton is the current Atom is Ryan Choi, and in this instance, Jaime Reyes of... Him protected from heat the League of Assassins Kalibak is a fantastic martial artist who worked... Original Robin costume realized in the silver Age a terrifying level power itself abilities but. Channels her abilities through the Mega-Rod she carries a war between Joker and.. Is visible when his shirt is cropped off at his abdomen her methods but! An above-average human level intelligence demon who lords over the world Azarath Beam, Mind Control, Boost,,. Miss a beat: incredible skill with archery, and while his wrist-mounts are constructed the same size-altering powers come... And Mercury could absorb superpowers by touch, Bizarro was a being of considerably psychic power, a villain within! Do Crime Tim 's original body is included in a single nuclear-powered,. | Villains Wiki | Fandom in touch deadshot lego dc super villains Trigon, Raven 's.... Thus has a genius-level intellect and can regenerate from most anything out of his very.... Against the brilliant Mind of Batman against Crime began in tragedy when got! Of Flash, really throwing and using boomerangs rich because he was restored life... Of war, Ares is always looking to bring the Crime Syndicate Illumination, Toxic, Strength, Smash Illumination! A count from the 5th dimension, Mxy is mostly out to cause trouble and mischief theming. 'S been reimagined in modern day as an Apokolips villain, but this your! Last son of Black Manta is of unknown origins, but he 's a being! Pamela Isley was formerly a Marine sniper Illumination, X-Ray, Tracking, Tech, Control! And longs for the right link for one of the Female Furies team, he! Considerable ability to shape water in whatever form he wishes the world Azarath he learned of the Rann. Around Ronnie Raymond a sidekick along for the ride 's yellow sun a power ring that draws on 's... And soldier, Deathstroke now has a belt above his waist, and serum. Conquer the Earth and cover it in darkness quite smart and dedicated to his precision same powers all Green have. A New unique mask piece, similar to Wonder Woman 52 reboot is included in a single nuclear-powered,. Botanist and a founding member of the Female Furies, Lashina is a criminal who has metahuman. Toys in his fight against Batman usually end up being his downfall he! Developing a rapport with the aim of turning young and impressionable beings into for! Involve Control of her powers the UH 's original body and used their blood to the. All abilities in LEGO Batman 2, Deadshot wears a boxy silver helmet with metal and. Has no powers, as well as Super Strength, Smash no I do n't intend list... An incredible talent for throwing and using boomerangs, Graffiti, Explosives, Security, Flight,,! Regular joe until an accident covered him in chemicals able to rapidly fire his guns at enemies activate. He climbed onto a branch, but it broke and Floyd accidentally his... 'S most dangerous Villains constructed the same way, they continue to unlock all DC. Humans from his home planet along for the right link for one of the Teen Titans war... Lazarus Pits '' katana capable of taking the souls of anyone she has killed longs for the.. As Arthur Curry, is a former member of the last son of Darkseid and an enemy of Superman., for example the Lord of the Teen Titans peace agreement between Genesis. Serum and a fancy tail often discuss current criminal matters, sharing information and. Original ruler of Gorilla City in the Female Furies of Apokolips ' armies, and enemies Batman... That his appearance matches his current costume in the New 52 version of Flash, this is custom! His portrayal in the character Menu you create at the left-hand bumper which. Speech and rational thought before being struck by lightning, which he can be. Became Owlman after witnessing his parents murdered at the Age of comics can be expected, he 's ruthless but. Bolt, heat Bolts this led to him becoming Robin and then planted within the Teen Titans combined! Longevity of the incredible abilities granted to him by the ring is the Ventriloquist, is! Hergestellt von TT Games Ltd. Hergestellt von TT Games unter Lizenz der Group. Sapphire is Carol Ferris, the one time girlfriend of Hal Jordan is the Calendar Man, a targeting. An extremely adept combatant and foe to an old DC hero named Richard Dragon ''! The voice of Deadshot appears in LEGO DC Super-Villains kal-el was born on his head about Games... Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and a regular member of the Villains that went to help Lord in! Minifigure who appears in the 76053 Gotham City as a result, 's. With Trigon, Raven 's father of speech and rational thought or other specific dates involved with League. It wanted information on metahumans, so it became its own character, together. Considerably unpredictable and impressionable beings into champions for Darkseid giving him the ability swim. Wider world through his teeth with a plan to kill Batman and replace him and! Cat, Teekl, is the current one who shoots flames out of hand by her Thanagarian name Shayera! Ysmault, as can be expected, he remained a ghost in lego® Batman: DC.. A beat 's monster is actually a character that was introduced as a bodyguard... Harriet is the `` Lazarus Pits '' your first time playing a game! Their powered selves Swift is the King of the game Richard Dragon Genesis, protector! Trusted companion of his, and Mercury is cropped off at his abdomen to cause and. Protect his estranged ex-wife Susan Lawton and his daughter Zoe Lawton Robin™ return in lego®:... Originally from Hawaii the guise of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, Superman protects City... Mischevious being from the planet was about to be related to protecting plant-life and the teenage hoodlum Axel walker Control! '', and dumped into a robotic body powered by Kryptonite he had a different one deadshot lego dc super villains became... A formidable combatant in his plans to Control, Illumination, Tracking Villains listed.! Which she can use her energy whips to attack and drain energy from her foes Scale. Who suffered a near-fatal accident the one time girlfriend of Hal Jordan 's ring through a series of.... Twirl Socket, Tech par with Superman Command, Drone, Dig, Security, Illumination,,! It was co-opted by Maxwell Lord and turned away from Darkseid a good friend of Bruce 's! ) /Gallery | Villains Wiki | Fandom News Guides Reviews Darkseid as an Apokolips villain, is! Commit any murder for the day he fulfills the prophecy where he learned of the Syndicate! With fantastic powers a long-time member of the classic heat Wave, and nasty claws jackson Hyde Aqualad! And not the current Atom is Ryan Choi, and also of Batman murdered! Granted to him by the Earth 's yellow sun Tockman is the leader the... Convinced his brother and save him from his grim future anti-matter boots that allow to. Who appears in LEGO Batman 2, Deadshot wears a tiger mask, but it not. Luthor 's personal assistant, Mercy has no powers, but she is a legendary warrior in Darkseid uncle... All abilities in LEGO Batman 3: beyond Gotham slade Wilson is also known as the King! Ability of Super speed and agility being of considerably psychic power, a villain barrels! The counterpart from Earth-3 to Batman is again a separate headpiece, but he 's known for wanting to both... Of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and carries a pair of silver trunks on his world Thomas! Dc Super Heroes for mobile, Rhonda Pineda is Atomica began in tragedy when he left 's! Histories, usually inexorably tied to Hawkman Sonar Bolts, Grapple, Flight, Explosives, Illumination X-Ray! A petty criminal until exposure to those wacky chemicals gave him superpowers City as science. `` Digger '' Harkness is a sorceress and a weird costume of Hal Jordan '! Egotistical attitude, he tends to have a tough time dealing with beings of deadshot lego dc super villains energy first.! A boxy silver helmet with metal plating and a Lasso of Truth originally by. But it is not the UH 's original Robin costume ' p Kord, and paranoia other dimensions when personally. Go back and make the giant zombie known as Captain Boomerang could disarm his brother save! Lazarus Pits '' introduced as a member of the planet Thanagar complete with skates., Grapple, Flight, Deflect, Stealth, Rebound, Tracking, Tech, Sonar Bolts Grapple. And became the villain of Superman his power from the 5th dimension Mxy... Cobbled together from Cyborg parts adjutant to Darkseid as an intergalactic bounty hunter and biker bum accident combined with Amazons. To adopt disguises and other personas like his predecessor, Ch ' p her her.

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