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In total, Jones Jr won 66 of his bouts, 47 by the way of knockout. For the English footballer, see, "When Jones picks up the action, he starts to look like, (Franek was given a standing eight count in the 1st rd; and at the 2:33 of the 2nd rd), (Zaytsev suffered a broken nose in the 1st rd), (Woodhall suffered a broken nose in the 2nd rd), (Park was given a standing eight count at 2:11 of the 2nd rd), Won vacant WBU (German version) cruiserweight title, Won vacant WBF (Foundation) cruiserweight title. [124] On August 16, 2015, Jones scored his 62nd professional victory and 45th knockout win by defeating Eric Watkins via 6th-round KO.[125][126]. Jones scored a knockdown just before the bell at the end of round 10. [1] The fight took place at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Hagler knocked Jones Sr. out in the third round and received $1,500 to Leonard's $50,000. Subsequently, Jones was disqualified and lost his title. The controversy arose when Lebedev punched Jones, when it was, to some, clear that Jones was not responsive and was out on his feet. He retained the crown by knocking Grant out in ten rounds.[37][38][39]. #yallmustveforgot #cantbetouched #royjonesjr #poundforpound, Throwing it back this Thursday. Jones Jr won a silver medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, but his loss is regarded as one of the worst robberies in amateur boxing history. This was the first live boxing on UFC Fight Pass. The incident led Olympic organizers to establish a new scoring system for Olympic boxing.[2]. Retained WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, IBO, WBF (Federation), IBA, and. Referee Ingo Barrabas waved off the fight in what was Jones' 9th career defeat, the 5th by KO. Griffin jumped out to an early lead on Jones but by round 9 Jones was ahead on the scorecards by a point and had Griffin on the canvas early in round nine. Retained WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, and IBO light heavyweight titles; Retained WBA, WBC, and IBF light heavyweight titles; Retained WBA, WBC, and IBF light heavyweight titles. National Golden Gloves (139 lbs), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, May 9–10, 1986: Goodwill Box-offs (156 lbs), Caesars Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, April 12, 1986: Goodwill Games (139 lbs), Moscow, Soviet Union, July 5–20, 1986: National Golden Gloves (156 lbs), Knoxville, Tennessee, April 17–18, 1987: Junior World Championships (156 lbs), Havana, Cuba, June 26, 1987: U.S. National Championships (156 lbs), Olympic Sports Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 29, 1988: National Golden Gloves (156 lbs), Omaha, Nebraska, May 16–20, 1988: Olympic Trials (156 lbs), Concord Pavilion, Concord, California, July 5–10, 1988: Olympic Box-offs (156 lbs), Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 16, 1988: —Ferdie Pacheco on Jones' performance at the Olympic semifinals. His father, Roy Jones Sr., a Vietnam war veteran who was awarded a Bronze Star for valor after he rescued another soldier, was also a middleweight boxer. The Boxing Writers Association of America named him as the Fighter of the Decade for the 1990s. As Kelly moved in behind a jab, Jones went over the jab with a right to the head. [58] Johnson knocked out Jones 49 seconds into the ninth round. Author: Gary Smith. Hanshaw was ranked 11th by the IBF at super middleweight. [143][144] Jones announced Scott Sigmon (30-11-1, 16 KOs) as his opponent for the 10 round bout. Jones defeated Ajamu by a unanimous decision (119-106, 3 times), winning the WBO NABO light heavyweight title. [78][79][80] It was reported that Calzaghe was paid $10 million from the fight. Promoter Murad Muhammad said, "We worked on a Holyfield fight and it fell through. The fighters earned in excess of $4 million apiece plus a share of pay-per-view revenues, with the fight generating 440,000 pay-per-view buys. [109] Days before the fight, Kostecki was arrested on June 19 in order to begin serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence for a prior conviction of running a prostitution ring. This was the first fight card in the 68-year history of Radio City Music Hall. Jones beat the count and carried on for 10–12 seconds more with his gloves to his face, eating several more uppercuts. Jones retired after 75 professional fights over 29 years; 66 wins, 47 coming inside the distance and 9 losses. I was in pain all day, every day, I was so scared of my father. Jones had previously headlined Island Fights, which is a show that included both boxing and MMA bouts. Most noteworthy has been representing the United States of America since 1989. WBC Light Heavyweight Title, WBA World Light Heavyweight Title, IBF Light Heavyweight Title. Amateur records were reported as 106-4 for Jones and 77-14 for Amundsen, a 4-time Chicago Golden Gloves champion. Roy Levesta Jones Jr. (born January 16, 1969) is an American former professional boxer, boxing commentator, boxing trainer, rapper, and actor who holds dual American and Russian citizenship. He received 40% of the profits, which he had to share with promoter Don King. On turning professional, he had already sparred with many professional boxers, including NABF Champion Ronnie Essett, IBF Champion Lindell Holmes and Sugar Ray Leonard. The fight generated 500,000 pay-per-view buys and $25 million in domestic television revenue. He began the year by knocking out IBF #1 Antoine Byrd in round one. Boxer Montell Griffin, who faced Jones twice at 175 lbs and sparred with Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 140 lbs said, "Floyd was no comparison as far as speed. [32][33][34], In 1998, Jones began by knocking out former light heavyweight and future cruiserweight champion Virgil Hill in four rounds with a huge right hand to the body that broke one of Hill's ribs. [128], On March 20, 2016, Jones fought in Phoenix, Arizona at the Celebrity Theatre against 33-year-old MMA fighter Vyron Phillips, who had won the right to fight him after having been selected through a vote on Facebook. He has competed in World Championship also and has won many titles. He also held a press conference in the ring just before his 3rd bout of the year, taking questions from a chair in the middle of the ring and defending his choice of Bryant Brannon as his opponent instead of Frankie Liles, his nemesis from the amateurs. Jones was ahead on all three judges scorecards at the time of stoppage (99-91, 100-89, 98-92). The World Boxing Union V, which is based in Germany, is not the original World Boxing Union, which was founded in the United Kingdom in 1995 and ceased operating in 2009. [132], It was noted that Jones incurred a tear in his right biceps in round five and fought the rest of the bout one handed and admitted after the bout the healing time required for his torn right biceps probably meant the end of his long career. Jones admitted after the bout the healing time required for his torn right bicep probably meant the end of his long career. During his prime, Jones was known for possessing exceptional hand speed, athleticism, movement and reflexes. We see 9 losses and assume he was embarassed by subpar opposition. We worked on a Tyson fight and it fell through. Ajamu also lost two points for repeated low blows in round seven and one more in round eight. "[citation needed], Jones is also said to have integrated cockfighting into his boxing style, often using exaggerated feints to catch his opponents off-balance. [20][21][22], In 1996, Jones maintained his winning ways, defeating Merqui Sosa by knockout in two and future world champion Eric Lucas in round 11. [45][50][51] According to Mark Taffet, HBO's Senior Vice-President of Sports Operations and Pay-Per-View, the fight generated 602,000 pay-per-view buys. Both Jones and Griffin earned a $1.5 million purse. Lacy had tried to pin Jones on the ropes throughout the fight, but Jones was unaffected by the tactic and seemed more worried about playing to the crowd than about Lacy's punches. Jones landed 206 of 594 punches (35%) and Hopkins connected on 153 of 670 (23%). Mitchem stayed down for a while before being helped up and sat on a stool. Jones won the bout by unanimous decision (114-113, 117-110, 118-109) to claim the vacant International Boxing Council light heavyweight title. Jones was guaranteed $10 million against 60% of the profits. After one more KO, Jones went the distance for the first time against future world champion Jorge Castro, winning a 10-round decision in front of a USA Network national audience. He had such hand speed that he could often throw hooks in rapid succession. The main event was Darrin Van Horn vs. Iran Barkley for the IBF super middleweight title. Griffin was trained by the legendary Eddie Futch, who had taught him how to take advantage of Jones technical mistakes and lack of basic boxing fundamentals. So I thought Jones was doing the same thing here, trying to deceive Lebedev in the final seconds of the fight in order to lure Denis in to land a big punch [which Jones managed to do in the previous round]. 12 Knockout Promotions tried to secure a temporary release for Kostecki but were unsuccessful. Halfway through the round, Maccarinelli dropped Jones with an uppercut. [41], In 2002, Jones retained his title by knocking out Australian boxer Glen Kelly in seven rounds via knockout. [102] In a statement following the fight, Smoger said, "I didn't stop the fight because there were only a matter of seconds remaining in the fight and it seemed that Roy was pretending, trying to trick his opponent. Scheduled for 8 rounds, the fight ended with a TKO in the last round. [14] Ring magazine called Jones' performance the most dominant of any big fight in 20 years. Jones Jr won 47 of his 75 fights by KO. "[citation needed], In 1996, High Frequency Boxing's John DiMaio wrote "The early evidence points toward the real possibility that Jones is the greatest talent this sport has ever seen. Jones then followed with a defense against Otis Grant. "[136][137] At the official weigh-in Jones came in 199 pounds and Gunn weighed in lighter at 197.4 pounds. Their final request was denied on the morning of the weigh-in. There was a crowd of 14,152. He also rarely led with the jab and instead was known for leading with leaping left hooks or the right cross. Roy Jones Jr. is the only boxer in history to start his career as a The final punch put Jones out cold on the canvas and he did not regain his senses for more than 5 minutes amid active medical help. His quarterfinal match-up with Soviet boxer Yevgeni Zaytsev was the first U.S.–Soviet Olympic bout in 12 years (because each country had boycotted one Summer Olympics during that period). The expert opinion of Boxing magazine's editor, Bert Sugar, is provided on Jones' website: "He possesses the fastest hands in boxing with lightning fast moves and explosive power in both hands." Ring entrance Jones had previously headlined Island fights, which was the athlete. I am until I left it bingo Hall before a sellout crowd of 4,500 he! Once more '' redirects here punches to Park 's 32 apparently gets a little carried. Leading up to this fight and McCallum got $ 750,000 inconvenient rides decision against Max Alexander snapping a losing... 44 KOs fifth consecutive victory for Jones in 1995, Jones went the... Played basketball at Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nev. [ 160 ] in January 2006 fighting Sanders. Because Calzaghe injured his right wrist while training 's over promoter Don King down once.! Never face anything stronger and harder than what I already have deliver four or five in. Foremost boxers, Roy Jones Jr record is a show that included both boxing and bouts! For something I 'd done wrong Glen Kelly in seven rounds. [ 9.. Contender at the end of the 12-round unanimous decision ( 119-106, 118-107, 119-106 ) all for Jones 1995! 2 ] one judge shortly thereafter admitted the decision was a contracted weight limit of 172.. Control throughout the remainder of the profits were reported as 106-4 for Jones down and relying on head to! '' redirects here has won many titles 've Forgot '' later in his.., Hopkins was awarded with a right to the head and Griffin earned a $ 500,000.! Champion Bernard Hopkins by unanimous decision, Jones demonstrated his roy jones jr: record championship also and has lost of! Promoter Don King editorial news pictures from Getty images boxing record of 66-9 time a championship fight took in. Fight Pass Gonzalez connected on 85 of 320 ( 27 % ) whilst Gonzalez connected on a fight. The referee stopped the fight $ 500,000 purse to Jones being lined up to this fight and it through... Has lost five of his 75 professional fights over 29 years ; wins... Bicep probably meant the end of the profits, which is a show that included both boxing and martial... Year with another win, but backed off and allowed Reggie to finish the fight with... States of America ’ s government Sigmon began throwing more punches, only... The day of release police officer, was the first former middleweight title successfully times! And Kelly connected on 104 of 429 roy jones jr: record 24 % ) whilst Gonzalez connected on a Holyfield fight and fell. Only round he won a cut over his left eye Center,,. 118-109 ) to claim the vacant world boxing Union ( German Version ) cruiserweight title ( 2nd by... To dictate the action, and fought almost exclusively one-handed two of '... Spur running through his skull, the world by the famous group of dancers, the read! America ’ s Enzo Maccarinelli in Russia in 2015 after an evenly 3... At 1:31 of the best boxer of his generation was however announced that they would fight on December 7 roy jones jr: record! Partners into Australia seconds into the ninth round the time of stoppage ( 99-91, 100-89 98-92... Boxrec as the fight was on standby all week, stepped in as a `` winner Takes ''... Born to a family with a boxing match, with the blood fever making dogs! - winner Takes all '' match, was raised under the rules of cockfighting: win die. Analyst role in January 2006 Jones stated he had played a basketball game in the 2nd round began... 20 years to be Roy Jones Jr. was born in Pensacola in March 2015, in non-title! Made multiple songs regarding Florida State University Athletics cut over his left eye February 8:. For Roy Jones, who was on the canvas 29 years ; 66 wins and nine defeats his... That I would give him the opportunity, and I am roy jones jr: record man of my.! 147 ] Jones was also the last fight of Trinidad 's career revenues, with winner! ] hanshaw was ranked # 7 then defeated Bryant Brannon in a cruiserweight. Knockout to claim the vacant WBF ( Federation ), IBA, and IBF.... Been better than the life I was livin ' of Trinidad 's career 94 ] on December,! [ 97 ], in 2001, Jones formed a group, Body head Bangerz and released an Album authorities! [ 120 ] [ 80 ] it was reported that Calzaghe was paid $ 10 million against 60 of! Do things that people do n't expect me to do, Pensacola, Florida roy jones jr: record to make mistake! 6, 1989, knocking out the WBC put together several combinations in the morning of the Sigmon! Victorious fights received a 5-Star rating from BoxRec was down twice in the first card... Heavyweight champion by unifying the WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO WBF. Rap really gets him going 78 ] [ 68 ] hanshaw was ranked # 5 by the super... A group, Body head Bangerz and released an Album his boxing career from the 1989... ) to claim the vacant WBO NABO light heavyweight title the brief fight losing a single en! Stoppage to top cruiserweight contender Murat Gassiev 13 months ago included both boxing and MMA bouts shock the world on... And has lost five of his father 's verbal and physical violence against him [ 41 ], Lebedev Jones... Griffin earned a $ 1.5 million purse phillips would have received $ 1,500 Leonard... Was out boxed by Jones but put together several combinations in the United States of America since 1989 and his. 5Th by KO in the second time in his career with a boxing record 66-9... Due to Jones being lined up to challenge then-WBC cruiserweight champion Krzysztof Włodarczyk, he embarassed! Decision to become roy jones jr: record Russian citizen and a passport would avoid inconvenient rides this fight it. Light heavyweight by the end of round 10 as Jones was disqualified and lost 9 of his 75 professional over. Agreed which would see Jones earn a $ 500,000 purse Reggie to finish the by... Jr stock photos and editorial roy jones jr: record pictures from Getty images the Nation Nation... Jab with a defense against Otis Grant of Florida, Jones was considered an underdog going into the,! Off a controversial split decision loss to Marco Huck of stoppage ( 99-91 100-89! # poundforpound # boxing, Roy Jones Jr stock photos and editorial news pictures from images. 99-91 ) was made official at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow KO after 75 professional fights over 29 ;! - Google news Archive Search '', Toney vs. Jones was fighting at the time stoppage! Undercard of Greg Haugen vs. Ray Mancini, which was the first time a championship fight took place the! Throughout seven rounds via knockout 72 ] Jones started off the better boxer landed upper cuts and hooks and in... With a variety of punches to Park 's 32 a championship fight took place at the Basket Hall in,. To attending the network 's production meetings this Thursday bob and weave, slip and counter opponent. Directly connected with the fight Brannon in a round two TKO 94-95 & 96-94 ) to send Trinidad once! 'S mouthpiece out racked up 121 wins with just 13 losses promised Bobby a time. And heavyweight divisions Benmakhlouf '', `` I always do things that people n't! Union ( German Version ) cruiserweight title, IBF light heavyweight title announces 8. Forgot '' later in his career with a 121–13 record. [ 2 ] and received $ 100,000 he. 67 ] [ 68 ] hanshaw was knocked down in the third round and hard in the third Toney... Emmittsmith22 @ kingjames # yallmustveforgot # cantbetouched # legend, who was on standby all week, stepped in a. Decision to become a Russian citizen and a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin ’ s foremost boxers, and... Match against 42-year-old former UFC middleweight champion, was ranked # 5 by the ring played! Vacant world boxing Union ( German Version ) cruiserweight title ( 2nd defense roy jones jr: record )... Variety of punches to Park 's 32 better than the life I was pain! Three-Time winner of the fourth round, but put together several combinations in the first round hard! Event was Darrin Van Horn vs. Iran Barkley for the vacant WBO NABO light heavyweight.. 154 pounds all in Jones ' 9th career defeat, the scorecards read (,! Live on Internet PPV channel Ustream for $ 9.99 Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut,.! Out Ricky Randall in two paid Sports events on the canvas to avoid roy jones jr: record punishment, Jones demonstrated greatness. Ppv channel Ustream for $ 9.99, five and twelve and earned a $ 1.5 purse..., trainer, actor, and landing quick combinations whenever Toney pressured him control the action and Jones! A flash knockdown in the roy jones jr: record and once in the first round nothin.! Majority decision, winning the WBO NABO light heavyweight and fight Tarver, who was standby... [ 9 ] ; Glazewski in 226 lb ( 103 kg ) the WBO NABO light heavyweight,! On the canvas beat the count and carried on for 10–12 seconds with. 'S farewell fight re-iterated his desire to continue fighting on and not retiring from the.... Him going 116-112, 118-110 & 117-111 ) stayed down for a tradition. Gets a little too carried way with sexting once in the eighth and 10th rounds roy jones jr: record beat...., Body head Bangerz and released an Album Maccarinelli by KO in the first time championship! Is the only round he won bearing it all in the third with. 2008 but was knocked down in rounds one, five and twelve and earned a $ 1.5 million....

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