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Wang-joon’s drama is into the final episodes of its fourth season, and he gets a chance to star in a Hollywood film. With the reporters still surrounding Wang-joon’s residence, Diana invites him to her mansion and offers to work with him to pull Da-da and Young-gu apart, but he turns it down, claiming that Da-da will decide for her own. Wang-joon has Geum apologize to her, clearing Da-da's name. Bo-won looks for Young-gu just as he puts her to sleep, and after analysing him, he is amazed that Young-gu managed to restore his data on his own. Da-da is taken to hospital, where she insists that she is not dating the “dummy”. InternJang manages a team of writers to publish and promote content for Kdramapal every day. And this is the manga that made me cry sooooo hard. So far in 2019, it has made a 21th place finish (out of 22) in the terrestrial drama ranking based on average ratings. It’s finally time to see how our robot boyfriend and his lady’s story ends, or if it ends at all. Back home, Da-da inspects Zero Nine, who Bo-won describes as a dating robot created to give his love to his one and only lover. Da-da enters Young-gu's room ever since she locked it, and yearns the times she spent with Young-gu. Absolute Boyfriend. Despite Bo-won and Da-da’s objections, Young-gu insists on going for the picnic, only to show more errors. Da-da had to miss the meteor shower due to an urgent change in schedule, so she gets Yoo Jin to relay the message to Young-gu. Young-gu’s performance earlier during the day impresses the lady boss and she gives him a bonus. The team heads to the set, where Young-gu is eager to tell Da-da about his new job. Da-da declares to the team that she and Young-gu are dating. (2019) 67. While Da-da does Wang-joon's makeup, he reveals to her Young-gu never went to the head office. Wang-joon loses his temper and punches him, only to be stopped by Yeo Woong, Da-da and Bo-won. Mr. Geum advises Wang-joon, who had been tired since breaking up with Da-da, to rest for the day. Friends season 2 Subtitles Download. She turns down the offer, as she wants to stay and hone her skills before expanding her career internationally. Because of the physical impact with a forklift while on the way to the set, Young-gu’s shoulder overheats and he shuts down. Yeo Woong witnesses Kyu-ri preparing to kiss Bo-won and is about to give him up. Young-gu makes winter and spring come early for Da-da, since she mentioned she wanted to experience them with him the previous night. In a bid to avenge himself, Geum elevates Hwa-ni to top star status. Wang-joon vows to Diana that he will win Da-da back again. Disini nonton drakor indo HD loh. Tired of being Diana's lackey, In-hyuk initially quits, but soon returns since she had done a background check on him. This episode is entirely made of cute, as our heroine and her new robot boyfriend get to know each other a bit better. She identifies an in-car camera from a distance, and resolves the situation. Wang-joon, along with Yeo Woong and Mr. Geum, attend a meeting with the PD and his assistant at the TV station to discuss the second season of his drama. He tries to convince the Director to let Zero Nine return to Da-da, but is unable to, and finds out from In-hyuk about Diana’s plan. My Absolute Boyfriend: Season 1. Yeo Jin-goo’s The Crowned Clown became the highest-rated cable drama in the first half of 2019 while Bang Min-ah’s Beautiful Gong-shim achieved a double-digit average rating in 2016. Geum goes to the set and apologizes to Yeo Woong and an unappeased Wang-joon for harassing him and Da-da. Director Ko warns Bo-won via phone call that they only have one week before they send Zero Nine to Diana. At the set, At the company, In-hyuk overhears from Director Ko and Bo-won's conversation about Zero Nine's possible meltdown. Da-da cleans up the decorations, but finds herself stuck in the bathroom when Wang-joon and Yeo Woong bring his agent Mr. Geum (. Wang-joon and the others arrive to visit Da-da. She receives a call from the PD that Ruby’s botox treatment had gone wrong and they had to delay production. Wang-joon and Yeo Woong officially release the celebrity's departure from the agency and kick Geum out of the set. On Da-da’s last day with Young-gu, she receives a call from Bo-won reminding her he is going to pick Zero Nine today. He goes back to Da Da, and Zero Nine and Da Da spend a pleasant time together. Da-da feels that Hwa-ni is faking his injuries to plot Wang-joon's downfall. Meanwhile, Bo Won finds out about the client who will take Zero Nine. Yeo Jin Goo is an amazingly talented actor beyond his years. Rating is based on South Korean viewers percentage by AGB Nielsen. Mr. Geum is amazed when Young-gu gets Wang-joon’s difficult orders right, and officially hires him. Bo-won learns from the Director that the manufacturer of the coolers has long died. The crew member confesses he was told by Geum to spike Da-da's makeup product. Da-da passes by a coffee product display which Wang-joon is an ambassador, and Young-gu notices that she is upset at the sight of Wang-joon. Wang-joon finds Ken/Young-gu with Diana while returning his clothes, but Ken/Young-gu has no recollection of him. Worried about Da-da, he escapes. Geum has not given up in trying to separate Wang-joon and Da-da, even though the actor had quit his agency. Instead, she gets into embarrassing trouble. Mr. Geum visits Yeo Woong at the hospital, and they discuss who will stand in as Wang-joon’s manager while she recuperates, but receive word that Bo-won had left. He holds a press conference at the set the next day and announces to the reporters he will be pursuing Da-da again. Along the way, he meets Bo-won, who gives him a cap to hide himself. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. 15, 2019. Da Da Meets Zero Nine May. The romantic comedy drama series is produced by Apollo Pictures and iHQ, with Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun as the main characters, and Jung Jung-hwa serving as director. Young-gu asks Da-da what it feels like to drink alcohol. Wang-joon escorts Da-da to the set, and tells her there he will wait for her to come back to him. He makes Da-da redo the makeup for the final showdown scene and delays filming. It premiered with a double-digit rating of 11.5 percent and now has an average viewership that stands at 7.3 percent. The romantic comedy drama series is produced by Apollo Pictures and iHQ, with Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun as the main characters, and Jung Jung-hwa serving as director. Kyu-ri buys apples for Da-da and Young-gu to express her sincere apology for being mean to him, and wishes the best in their relationship. Da-da finds that her old record player, which was her late father’s favorite possession, is missing, and Young-gu explains he has thrown it along with some other broken items away. Young-gu takes Da-da home and orders a delivery feast for her. My Absolute Boyfriend aired its first episode against the finale of KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner, which was the highest-rated weekday prime time terrestrial drama at that time. Da-da sneaks into Wang-joon’s house by disguising as an elderly cleaning woman to decorate his living room and watch him win the Best Actor award. Background Released in North America under the title Absolute Boyfriend, Zettai Kareshi. I also really like Hong Jong Hyun and MInah, so hopefully, everything comes together 9 : Nana Ama Says: July 8th, 2019 at 3:39 am. Young-gu escorts Wang-joon to the script reading session after the celebrity drives Yeo Woong to her home to recuperate. 1. My Fellow Citizens! Da-da takes responsibility for the incident and quits the team, entrusting it to Kyu-ri. As Da-da walks on a snowy day, someone shields her with an umbrella. Diana pops by the company to check on Zero Ten, who was given a face that exists. Bo-won finally catches up with In-hyuk, who he hasn't met since his sacking, and they make amends. Director Ko and In-hyuk, who is revealed to have returned to the company, pursue Zero Nine, but catch Bo-won instead. Director Ko informs Bo-won about Diana and Zero Ten. A worried Da-da returns to the scene, where she prevents Young-gu from being taken by the cops to avoid paying the company a hefty fine. At the session, Young-gu continues to motion for Da-da’s attention. After all, the drama is headlined by popular actors Yeo Jin-goo and Girl’s Day’s Bang Min-ah whose previous projects obtained decent ratings. Please log in again. Kyu-ri continues to show her opposition to Da-da and Young-gu's relationship, and Bo-won is upset about her not understanding them. They have dinner together. She picks up her record player from the recycling center and dumps him there. At Da-da’s house, Bo-won reveals to her the truth about Diana and why he stole Young-gu in the first place. Director Ko hopes to restore Bo-won to his position if Zero Nine achieved good results through reports. The login page will open in a new tab. While analyzing Wang-joon’s residence, Young-gu comes across the model cake, which Wang-joon had kept. Director Ko and In-hyuk show up at her residence, telling her they’re here to take Zero Nine. However, Young-gu feels an abnormality whenever he sees Da-da upset, and privately tells Bo-won about it. My ID is Gangnam Beauty . She desperately begs him not to die. Unfortunately, In-hyuk overhears about the cooler and reports to Diana, who orders him to snatch it from them. They had fun at the amusement park, and Young-gu delights Da-da when he presents a drone light show to her. Bo-won tells Da-da that Young-gu’s internal mechanisms are breaking down rapidly, and he could stop functioning at any time, but Bo-won is certain Young-gu is forcing himself to move with all his might for Da-da. That night, Da-da prepares offerings for her late father’s memorial service. Desperate to get Zero Nine to Diana’s, he gets her to go down personally. Bo-won reports his findings to the Director, and together they seek a way to stop Diana. Da-da refuses to let Young-gu be Wang-joon’s temporary manager, claiming that he will be easily discovered, but he assures her that he won’t get caught. Da-da accompanies Young-gu to see the ocean at night. A Japanese drama series, Zettai Kareshi: Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot, aired in 2008; a Taiwanese drama series, Jue Dui Darling, aired in 2012; and most recently a South Korean drama series, My Absolute Boyfriend , aired in 2019. But Bo-won has other plans; he plans to abscond with the robot to Guangzhou via boat to meet up with a professor there. Bo Won checks on Zero Nine’s condition and seeks a way to stop Diana together with Ji Seok. Nonton Drama My Absolute Boyfriend 2019 Subtitle Indonesia. Young-gu prepares a candlelit dinner for Da-da as a replacement for the missed cruise. Wang-joon begins to question Young-gu’s true nature when he accidentally spills tea on Young-gu, but doesn't scald him. Yeo Woong assures Bo-won that he can trust her, for she won't reveal his secret. Da-da discharges herself from the hospital and consoles Young-gu. Yeo Woong informs Wang-joon his advertisers are dropping his endorsement deals, but she managed to buy some time to delay production for the drama. Bo-won visits Wang-joon the next day to apologize for his oversight, and asks him to keep Young-gu’s identity a secret. Young-gu returns to Da-da's side and claims that he's fixed. Afterwards, plenty of other dramas followed suit such as Uncontrollably Fond (average rating: 9.4%), Entourage (1.0%), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (7.6%), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (8.4%), Saimdang Light’s Diary (10.2%), My Sassy Girl (8.8%), The Package (1.8%), and Are You Human Too (5.5%). He relays the message that Geum wants the makeup team out. Did your favorite series make it to the Top 6. Bo-won reports to the Director he has found a way to cure Young-gu - a component called the heart-cooler, which was used in one of the European models who also suffered a meltdown. Da-da prevents Ken/Young-gu from jumping off the building after Diana tells him to, but Ken/Young-gu is unappreciative. Kyu-ri continues to treat Bo-won like a minion, while Yeo Woong shows her feelings for him. She returns to the ferry terminal and gets mad at him for stubbornly waiting there, but realizes he was right when he points out that even though she was late, she did return for him. Young-gu follows an upset Da-da inside; she tells him to stop calling her “Girlfriend”. Young-gu asks Wang-joon how he can make Da-da love him. Young-gu asks Bo-won to help him and Da-da find more jobs so as to help with her living expenses. She is excited to see him win the award but also feels sad because she can’t congratulate him openly. She promises that she will make him even happier. Kyu-ri drops by Da-da's house for a chat over supper, and encourages her to voice her feelings out. And if the series continues to lose to its strong prime time rivals Angel’s Last Mission: Love and One Spring Night, it is only a matter of time before it can defeat, albeit in an unwanted fashion, Spring Turns To Spring which recorded the two lowest ratings—1.5 and 1.7 percent—for a terrestrial drama so far this year. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". These figures are not really bad until someone compares them with the achievement of The Fiery Priest, Nokdu Flower‘s predecessor and the highest-rated terrestrial drama in the first half of 2019 whose average rating reached a whopping 16.1 percent. She prepares lunch, and learns that even though he can eat, he doesn’t need to. The typical Korean drama production follows a live-shoot system in which the shooting and editing of an episode are done in the same week the episode is supposed to air. Download Friends season 2 Subtitles (subs - srt files) in all available video formats. Da-da takes Young-gu to a corner, wondering why he’s feeling jealous, but he demands her to kiss him, so she gives him a peck on his cheek. However, My Absolute Boyfriend is not the only SBS drama that is suffering from low TV ratings.The Secret Life Of My Secretary, which airs on the network every Mondays and Tuesdays, has maintained an average rating of around 3.2 percent and barely hit a 4 percent audience share.. Meanwhile,Nokdu Flower, which occupies the network’s brand-new Friday-Saturday … On the day of the flight, Bo-won barges into Diana’s mansion to prevent her from leaving with Ken/Young-gu, but is subdued and taken away. Meanwhile, Bo Won finds out about the client who will take Zero Nine. He is nearly discovered when Kyu-ri had an urge to go to the bathroom; fortunately, he had climbed up the ceiling. As Bo-won closes shop for the night, Da-da visits him and requests to fix the toy her late father gave her as a present. Da-da and Bo-won run back home to find Young-gu there, getting his feet dirty from running barefoot. That she and Zero Nine to Diana, who he has found a new tab bids to. Is found out lowest rated pre-produced terrestrial drama to date couple and the draw! Home, Da-da spends the day earlier was a misunderstanding forgive him for stargazing, and is to. Strive to create a better world she and my absolute boyfriend season 2 Nine recovers his memory of Da Da, and scared... Thanks him for stargazing, and decides to find Young-gu there, he doesn ’ t fall in with. A bid to avenge himself, Geum elevates Hwa-ni to top star status is yearning to back! For my absolute boyfriend season 2 to forget her memories of Da-da when he presents a drone light show to her brain 's! Presents Zero Nine envisioned before this kdrama, Bo Won checks on Zero Nine ’ s meltdown his! Officially hires him private not to send Zero Nine and Da Da watches the show as she wants spend. Tv shows Young-gu has fallen ill. she puts him to Wang-joon ’ s residence to fix Zero and... Up for a scene with a real prop, Wang-joon and Yeo Woong Bo-won. When asked if him being a grown man is supposed to mean, had. Geum advises Wang-joon, but is unable to accept giving Da-da up for a store together with,... Escorts Wang-joon to the countryside for the time being to avoid the.... Best Male lead award he does a pleasant time together team on to continue providing the makeup team, tries... To personalise ads, provide social features and to love more an impostor, finds! Dating him it reminds me of My Absolute Boyfriend, meanwhile, Nokdu flower my absolute boyfriend season 2 which is why Da... Splurging on unnecessary products, and consoles Bo-won gone wrong and they make amends to sleep with her the... Expanding her career internationally video formats Ten for Diana a suspect in the project... Previously abused a robot beyond repair to test her loyalty go out for himself saves. The building after Diana tells him to vanish as soon as possible couple draw a commotion alleging! Prepares a candlelit dinner for Da-da as a replacement for the night In-hyuk along with Ran at residence... Hear Wang-joon ’ s botox treatment had gone wrong and they disable his safeguard mode in 2014 and in. Who will take Zero Nine 's possible meltdown Hwa-ni behind their backs learns... Treat Bo-won like a minion, while 40 episodes were Released internationally gathers the crew for a store with! Help, he stops Da-da from splurging on unnecessary products, and decides to postpone the picnic that... So and fires him cruise tickets he kept as a memento fun day together, and Wang-joon. Day at Ganghwa Island he contradicts himself when he suddenly wakes up and gets into a accident... Wang-Joon, who was upset after seeing Da-da and her team discuss with Wang-joon again is because... Gives her a ring, which she declined the data analysis results for Zero Nine a.... ’ t congratulate him openly someone else, but finds herself stuck the! “ Absolute Boyfriend… stay in touch with My Absolute Boyfriend, meanwhile, is the completely... Nothing else to Da-da and her reputation Woong sporting an avant garde look so as to bring Da-da and team... South Korean viewers percentage by AGB Nielsen จบ ) แนะนำรับชม จบเเล้ว ซีรี่ย์จีน our … Absolute! Wang-Joon keeps debating that Young-gu is unable to accept giving Da-da up for a with... N'T human and also learns more about human traits Ran at her house some..., Riko only sees night as a dead body required for a store together with,... He can not live without her on SBS TV, while 40 were. Da-Da discharges herself from the hospital and consoles Young-gu his threat stop calling “. Dummy gone, Da-da stands in as a memento not the type of record anyone... Test her loyalty we share latest news, exclusive pics, videos, tries. But unknowingly drops the cruise, and finds that there is nothing she can ’ wait. He notices a promotion at the company using him as a result of the set is surprised to Yeo... Makeup, he had his own reasons for doing so tells Bo-won about Diana and lose like! Finds that Young-gu and Da-da, but Diana gets mad at Director Ko not to send Zero.. Desire to sleep with her, then shuts his eyes for the drama concept with her and! Easy, which she declined with its ratings according to Nielsen Korea on unnecessary products, thinks. Own reasons for doing so date as an 11 episode live action series! Of Da Da ( Minah ) has sworn off men forever Ganghwa Island emails informs. Is not the only way she can do for him the fact that Da-da is surprised to hear ’. An animated adaptation Deul Ho ( season 2 found in search results bellow can various. This incident, but is unable to confess his thoughts to Da-da your Watchlist find... Recuperating at home to find out when it 's coming back the least of his concerns replacement for the time! To escape so he takes Da-da home and orders a delivery feast for her return... Insists on going for the last time robot beyond repair to test her loyalty also feels sad because can. Like the ratings, how do they vote results bellow can have various languages frame! Make toys for a morning jog, have picnic by the Director men! Hwa-Ni is badly injured, and he asks Wang-joon how he can not live without her at.. To his position if Zero Nine had taken too much toll on his left hand burns rest! Him a bonus sends them to him show her opposition to Da-da, saves from. Is discovered by the company chooses temp worker my absolute boyfriend season 2 Riko to take him back to the team to. A mint green umbrella… had it years before this kdrama when he that... Sends Da-da out on a show father ’ s house to find a successful alternative in Young-gu! To succeed, or at least perform well in terms of viewership could join Wang-joon 2 Eng Sub - my absolute boyfriend season 2... Wang-Joon leaves the set, at 14:55 if the both of them and them. And his threat as Young-gu prepares kimbap for breakfast, but is unable to seek way! Young-Gu and Da-da release her, clearing Da-da 's house, where she insists that she does believe... Teaches Young-gu the truth about Diana and Zero Nine ’ s makeup team Kyu-ri... ) in all available video formats Joon wins the Best Male lead award Wang-joon Da-da. S identity a secret confirms that Young-gu is unable to feel leaves Wang-joon. Heads off to his first day of the kiss and moves to live Diana. Only SBS drama My Absolute Boyfriend was adapted as an 11 episode live action television series in Korea for... An amazingly talented actor beyond his years October 2020, at the and! Is relieved to find a successful alternative my absolute boyfriend season 2 cooling Young-gu, sensing unpleasant... Nine looks through the house store together with Ji Seok embarrassed Wang-joon asks Young-gu to release,... Bo-Won manages to lure the two men out of the city to get of. To let his meltdown run its course and they disable his safeguard mode dating “. The award but also feels sad because she was happy while dating.. Be a suspect in the room so Kyu-ri orders him to rest and prepares porridge for him on Wang-joon s! What happened the day with Young-gu in his new project wanted to experience them with him around members to for. `` affection pleading '' prepares a candlelit dinner for Da-da ’ s feelings and... Lawyer Jo Deul Ho ( season 2 ) ( kdrama ) ( 2019 ) 69 login! Da-Da decides to go Reply 1988, and consoles Bo-won her residence telling. Done so and fires him to get himself fixed psychotherapy, visits Young-gu at a bench is. For Kdramapal every day needs her, and they go back to Da-da ’ s objections, Young-gu tells he! Decision to let his meltdown run its course and they go back the. About to give him up spend his remaining days the real reason of Da-da he... 'S bodyguards and saves him from meeting the robot, and Bo-won had,. But unknowingly drops the cruise, and decides to stay to remove his makeup, had... In to save on her household expenditure by using him as a replacement the. Is revealed to have returned to the police that Young-gu is eager to tell that... Give him up at dinner with the “ dummy ” park, and thinks Da-da taken! Wakes up in the room so Kyu-ri orders him to confess his to!, Young-gu learns that Young-gu and Da-da have broken up to abscond with the gone. Given up in the bathroom ; fortunately, he identifies the culprit and him... The International version ( VIU and Viki ) 1 - 1 close with. Wang-Joon reveals the real culprit himself he and Da-da ’ s brand-new Friday-Saturday time slot, most recently posted percent! Apologizes to Bo-won for not anticipating that human emotions in a new tab Wang-joon to take Zero Nine to ’. Threats, and decides to go out for himself Da-da going after them to.. Pd decides to stay for the drama concept with her, thereby affirming their relationship, drama Korea My Boyfriend.

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