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Legend says that the eternal night is approaching and that a calamity will befall humanity. But now, as the Sage is dead and gone, Chen Mou can come home.  Chen Pi Pi was more upset about the Sage rather than be glad that his father was coming back. He went with Commander Xu to the State Preceptor’s mansion only to find that he had passed away. They said the only person that could help is the Sword Saint Lu Bai. Poor Ning Que was still hopelessly looking for Sang Sang and Fu Zi in the desert.  He was now limping, weak, starving and thirsty. She exudes a pure and kind personality which the other disciples (most esp. The Shrine Master immediately ordered that soldiers from around the world should be gathered up for a war against the Badlands. Li Man Man had started looking for them, and so the rest of the disciples were also busy with the issue of Ning Que and Sang Sang, being the daughter of darkness. The Raging Ning Que used his sword to slashed on the board but he fell asleep instead. The Queen Mother surmised that He Ming Chi might have something to do with the failing formatted key. Mo Yu sniggered at her at first but she challenged him, to begin with, she looked still less than par compared to his power but as he found out her stage of cultivation was improving as she battled with him.  It was too late for him when he realised that Dao Maniac had reached the Stage of All-Knowing. Mo Shan Shan said that she did not save the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased during the Yulan Festival, she saved her friend, Sang Sang. The Imperial Uncle was regretful for having made an alliance with He MIng Chi who assured him at first that Xilling will never attack Tang State. The intended visit of Ning Que and Sang Sang to Mount Wa will coincide with the Yulan Festival, which is widely attended by people from everywhere. The script definitely let Dylan Wang down. Remember that Ning Que’s career from a very very young age was to kill people/bandits to earn money so he could feed Sang Sang and himself. After Sang Sang's identity is discovered, Ning Que does everything he can to protect her. But not well enough so they had to continue their journey to Mount Wa. Their father told them to make Yan great, strong and safe. And Fu Zi was not very happy because Jun Mo’s cooking left something to be desired.  Fu Zi was also getting fed up because even Chen Pi Pi was also asking him for his help.  Fu Zi is annoyed he can’t eat the noodles that Jun Mo had made.  Chen Pi Pi came up with a beef stew that somehow calms down Fu Zi. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. The Princess was beginning to realise that her brother was too spoilt and immature to be the king over Tang.  However, she was trying her best to rehabilitate him. What have you done to Ning Que?  His new version is so out of character.  He hardly wins any battle anymore.  He had to be rescued all the time. The message was Leave Now which was received by Master Ma as Ning Que and Sang Sang had left by then. Sang Sang was having none of it anymore.  She then saw the darkening sky and chose to fly away into the sky. The blasted crows started to noisily camp at the hidden cottage of Ning Que and Sang Sang.  Poor Ning Que can’t do anything about it. FuZi said engagement and marriage are two different things. He looks like he’s got the moves, so that is half the battle. Bao Shu was gagging to use the Yulan Bell on Ning Que.  Master Qi Shan told him off and reminded Bao Shu that Tian Qing is about mercy. Well, without Fuzi they have become lackadaisical. Along the way, they saw the snowy ground littered with dead bodies from Badland. The Princess said that the Sixth Prince was not a real Tangese, because his mother was from Bandlands.  As he was already thinking of the same thing and also hoping that having a 100 percent Tangese as successor, he finally agreed to forge the will. The boy King was advised by a minister that going into war would surely obliterate Tang, it was more conducive to surrender to Xilling. Dylan Wang intimated previously that he hoped he will play Ning Que again in Season 3! Ning Que went back to the academy.  It was still the same and yet it was not the same.  For starter, Fu Zi was no longer there who was often sampling gourmet dishes and had to think about life and things from the essence of the food. In fact, Sang Sang is darkness incarnate.  She has the spirit of Yong Ye within her, who comes every thousand of years to bring eternal darkness. Poor Ning Que looked clueless about what was going on. Ning Que felt guilty about Mo Shan Shan and he had reasons to. Ning Que has fought long and hard to obtain justice for his family. Ning Que and DManiac had a beautiful fight scene which DManiac was winning.  She had achieved her ultimate level of cultivation as a Dao Maniac. He told the king that Fu Zi had ascended to the sky and now the sky is falling.  (It was snowing non-stop). Though Ye Qing lost to Jun Mo.  He reckoned that the fight he had Jun Mo was delightful.  It was a once in a lifetime experience. He was able to vanquish the dragon in no time with the help of the most super-cultivated sword by Sword Saint Lui Bai. Quickly the First Elder welcomed Sang Sang into their fold. I haven’t watched Meteor Garden so I have no idea how he is as an actor. She and Hao Tian are one and the same. With her umbrella, Sang Sang walked into the dragon.  She looked rather hypnotized.  Ning Que followed her and held on to her feet as she flew up into the curling ferocious dragon. The lovebirds got rather embarrassed but they noticed that Sang Sang seemed to have been cured. Fearless. The Shrine Master had more powerful cultivation which he applied on full force on Mo Shan Shan. Help keep our site alive. Though Dylan Wang is likable and watchable, he doesn’t have the same gravitas as Chen Feiyu who really gave life to Ning Que. oving Sang Sang to stop the ‘doomsday clock’ and reformat the Shocking God Formation.  Poor Mo Shan Shan had to follow Ning Que as he got sadder and sadder. Qu Ni screamed that they had to kill the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased. Just after Ning Que fought off Xia Hou, Sang Sang was lying comatose on the frozen lake.  In her dream, she met Hao Tian who told her to go walk with her.  Sang Sang looked as beautiful as the radiant Hao Tian.  They were dressed identically in an ethereal white gown, they have the same long hairstyle.  They looked happy together gamboling in the snow which looked like cottony clouds or probably they were in heaven. Capitulos completos de Ever Night 2 gratis, dorama Ever Night 2 capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en Unwilling to see his childhood friend get hurt, Ning Que accompanies her in overcoming many obstacles. “Ever Night” is a 2018-2019 Chinese drama series directed by Yang Yang. Dao Maniac was to be the one to carry out the execution. But when comes to humour and romance, nothings fom him. I hope there is going to be something lighter soon.  It will get so boring if both Ning Que and Sang Sang remains a victim of circumstances for long. Jun Mo who is always quiet and peaceful said that if Ye Qing wanted the ‘What if” then he said without his armour and Ye Qing not wearing his sheath, then Jun Mo would still win. I am presently reading the English translation of the novel “Nightfall” and on this I am really, really hooked. One thing though, the annoying Aunt Qu Ni is finally dead. The Temple Master said that as this was the case they will help Haotian to sever her connection to Earth and if that can’t happen they will end Hao Tian. The Princess said that the city doesn’t need protecting it was the border that needs it. And this allowed Sang Sang and Ning Que to have a rest.  Surprisingly, a day at this dimension is equivalent to 1 year in their own world. © Global Granary, 2020. Pipi opined that being the son of the Temple Master was hard work. He might be right because Fu Zi himself had said that he was ready to go to the sky. After all she is Lin Wu, had been incognito for the 23rd of the Cicadas. The assistant was really shocked and can’t wait to share his new-found knowledge to the Third Prince.  He also told him that the Sixth Prince was the heir. Ning Que made an impassioned speech.  He said that he dug up Sang Sang from the dead and look after her from infancy so if she was anyone’s daughter then she was his. (Who are the fourth and fifth?). In their travels, they would meet adventure after adventure as it became known that Sang Sang is far from the child of light as Master Guang Ming had predicted.  He did say in episode 41 that ‘they were so wrong and yet so right’ LOL. I disagree. According to an ancient prophecy, the time when night reigns eternal is fast approaching and when that time comes, a great calamity will befall the race of men. He threw Ning Que’s bag back to Tang to return to Ning Que and tell them to be gone. Ning Que was alarmed that all the trees were leaves-less.  But Sang Sang said that they were not in the area of Mount Wa where Little Qi Shan Cave was located.  They had to find that place. It stars Chen Feiyu and Song Yiren. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. The Temple Master further added that the Light Conference will not succeed because the Heavenly Maid had so many issues connecting her to Earth and therefore she can’t leave. We should have the courage to do what we want to do – Ning Que. She looks so pretty with contouring and highlighting. Her death so troubled and upset Mo Shan Sha, she can’t help but use her cultivation to remove the guards around her dead assistant and then throw more of her cultivation to the Shrine Master. Meanwhile, the Temple Master was creating havoc against First Brother and Third Sister.  The Temple Master was too powerful for both their cultivation. We do see things in a different way. Yes, I can see him as Ning Que.  I also began to remember how he treated the tiny (compared to his height anyway), Shen Yue, when they were playing Dao Ming Si and Shancai in Meteor Garden 2018.  It was like Ning Que and Sang Sang. With just his stick, Fu Zi prevailed over Jiang JIn of Xuankong. Ning Que at last found Sang Sang but he had been greatly punished for it by Hao Tian.  He had turned into a Robinson Crusoe with tattered clothes and battered bleeding body which really upset Sang Sang. The Brothers and a sister had barely started their breakfast when the Dao Maniac/ High Priestess of Jurisdiction turned up to challenge Second Brother. Even the King of Yan who also came out ended up dead when he said that he was satisfied that Yan had defeated Tang in his lifetime as every single soldier of Tang lay dead in Yan. Long Qing came back to Yan and reunite with his father and a rather jealous and reluctant older brother. Ning Que asked Mo Shan Shan to help him repair the Shocking God Formation (God Startling Formation) as she was good at creating formation.  They traveled the capital to look for hotspots.  Ning Que noticed that places like their calligraphy shop, his house by the pond, Zeng Mansion, the academy, were places that he had stayed or visited with Sang Sang. Long Qing killed the current Dan Shu and put Wu Zhu as the new Dan Shu.  He will control her. His sister tried to stop him walking away but it was no use. The Second Brother was impressive with his arrow, sword cultivation. He said that he had lost Sang Sang, FuZi, the Emperor and now Ma would rather stay at Wei City and die than go to Tang City with them all. She went to see Imperial Uncle who said that he would always support her and the Third Prince and would not do anything to endanger the position of the third Prince as a future king. The Xilling people got to Wei City before Ning Que and Sang Sang and they threatened the General and the people of Wei City if they don’t surrender Ning Que And Sang Sang. Sang Sang knew this and was suitably grateful to Dao Maniac.  Sang Sang recovered well enough to be more animated. Fu Zi had to confessed that at some point in the Badlands, he really thought that Sang Sang is the daughter of the Lord of the Deceased. At the moment there were three who were ready to be supper.  The first two were Mr Drink and Mr Butcher and as Sang Sang said, the most delicious of them all was Fu Zi. Ning Que noticed at first the three remaining leaves on the tree until it became two and then only one. The old man ignored her at first and then he spoke. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. Ye Qing did realise the veracity of what Jun Mo said.  And because of it, he decided to give up everything including Tao/Dao. The Temple Master said that the Heavenly Maid was not the ultimate god because she was here on Earth.  And as this was the case, who was currently fighting Fuzi in Heaven? on Ning Que’s thoughts) which they mistook as just simple threats to them being a family of 2, the sweetness of touching each other, with hints of desire and hotness that they felt for each other growing steadily (again, esp. Chao Xiaoshu disagreed and said, ‘No, they are not, I am still here’Meanwhi and threw his sword at the king, killing him instantly. Ever Night Season 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) Episodes Recap follows below! Meanwhile, it was getting too much for Chen Pi Pi.  He cannot bear to have the blood of his brothers and sisters in his hand so he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself but it was useless. Ning Que quickly took his sword and slashed the throat of the king.  He then told the princess, now you really have one brother.  The princess fainted. They were chatting when they heard someone coming.  It was Long Qing who said to Chen Pi Pi that he would help him out.  He said that Chen Pi Pi need not be the envoy to the light as he was willing to take his place. The Shrine Master went to the Back Hill of the Academy to find the formation key.  He found the Fifth and Eight Brothers instead, playing chess. Xilling was delaying the peace treaty negotiation. He portrayed arrogance, shamelessness and playfulness as called for by his role. Dao Maniac went beyond the call of her duty.  She sacrificed herself by transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang Sang thereby losing her earlier cultivations. The Shrine Master started organising a Millenial Light Conference. Liu Bai was most of the time was above partisan.  But he does think a great deal of Fu Zi, so as the Academy had asked he granted Chao Xiaoshu’s request.  Beautiful scene and panoramic scenery. No sword for Jn Mo and also for Ye Qing, Jun Mo would win. What eventually happened to Sang Sang and Ning Que. Luckily for him the Temple Master appeared. Ning Que told the Dao Maniac that was not gonna happen. She would confess her part in the tampering of the will and her brother then would abdicate. The palace was in chaos.  The third prince was kidnapped and the mastermind turned out to be the uncle.  He wanted the last will of the King. But the way, there was a nice scene where Sang Sang was reminiscing her romantic moments with Ning Que, who said that she had been a member of his family since he found her 16 years ago.  He had never felt that he could live without her. They were perfect for each other. As for Dylan Wang playing Ning Que, he is amazing! She is like a herder.  She nurtures cultivators and then after they had reached the five levels of all-knowing, no-distance, etc, she would wait some more until they had mastered everything and then she eats or feeds on them. Anyway, the Dao Maniac was the peace negotiator for Xilling and part of their deal offer was for the Queen of Tang to be gone, because she was after all the St Virgin of the Demonic Cult. I think even after your first kill, you would lose your sense of humour. Ning Que said that he would not be killed by a dirty woman with mud all over her. kenapa perasaanku bagusan yang ever night season 1 ya, menurutku cocokan arthur chen jadi ning que :(((Reply. Even the Princess of Tang got so upset.  She might not have trusted the Queen but she did not wish her to die.  She realised she had not anyone else. (Source:, My Favorite Drama Friendships of 2020 (Historical and Supernatural), Rising Post-95 Chinese Actors to Look Out For, My Most Anticipated Upcoming Ancient/Period C-Dramas. The next morning Ning Que woke up early and asked Master Qi Shan what really happened inside the chessboard. Having her son inherit the crown would mean the end of the Tang State. From the first season-ending, we see Sang Sang dying.  Is our Sang Sang dead? They are both chosen in their own ways to protect their people and the country. I thought Arthur Chen, the first Ning Que was so good. Ning Que had a fight with Long Qing, who he found to have gained a higher level of cultivation, who can now return all of Ning Que’s attacks. Then XiaoTang also turned up to rescue PiPi and when the Shrine Master was using his energy to subdue XiaoTang, PiPi called for Thirteen Brother. Chao Xiaoshu is back and rather sad to see that the Calligraphy House was shut and empty. The character Long Qing know about this, so he always riled Ning Que, always using Sangsang and threatening him that he will have Sangsang after he killed Ning Que. Sang Sang was the Daughter of the Lord of Deceased as confirmed by Master Qi Shan. Sang Sang also enjoyed some. Wear a mask in public transport and shops. Actually, First Brother and Chao Xiaoshu were on their way to see the Butcher and the Drinker. She would have actually been a good Empress but she was a victim of her time and gender.  I must say I am liking the actress who plays the princess.  She was able to bring her own charisma to the princess which was first portrayed by Tong Yao. He embodied the perfect kung fu master and he was too because he was the master of everything.  His cultivation is topped up to its limit. But when he looked up again, it was Hao Tian. Ning Que complained that he doesn’t like reading. Dao Maniac quickly realised that NIng Que was in Xilling.  Quite near her in fact because she can almost feel him, she can certainly smell him. But they both knew that it was better if they leave now and they did. It seemed Hao Tian had fallen for him because in the end she allowed him to take her anywhere he wanted to go in the carriage with Blacky. Just go with the flow. No, she can’t be dead because she will play a pivotal role in Season 2; Sang Sang was very much weakened after using her Hao Tian light to help Ning Que defeat the far superior Xia Huo, who had attained the ultimate level of Wu Duo. He was not!  Again, Adam Oh gave us a fantastic fight scene.  I love his scenes when he fights.  Marvelous.  No one was left standing. Poor Ning Que was in bits.  He was devastated that both Sang Sang and Fu Zi seemed to have gone from this world.  Awww. Ning Que admitted that the Princess of Tang was puppy love, another was an experience and the Book Maniac was… But Ning Que said that the love of his life is Sang Sang.  Awww their cuteness was interrupted by the sound of horses coming towards them. Very poor acting of him. Dao Maniac was about to use her sword against the Shrine Master when all of a sudden, the Temple Master intervened by tossing a ripped page of the most sacred book of Taoism.  He told off the Dao Maniac for being so silly and being so obssessed with Ning Que. I am still halfway reading the novel as I started from the very start, that is, recreating Evernight season 1 in my mind. Chao Xiaoshu said that was his second request, he wanted to be made the temporary commander of the Army Battalion and fight in the borders. But Long Qing was far from being magnanimous.  He was enjoying his new power over Ning Que.  He started baiting Ning Que that he will take Sang Sang away from him, after he sucked out Ning Que level of cultivations. – Mo Shan Shan, Flower Maniac said, “You are the most maniac, someone who truly deserves to be called a bloody maniac!”  🤪. However, devious people have exposed Sang Sang's connection to the eternal night and intends to kill, her. The Queen had decided that they must leave Wei City or they will die from starvation. akting masih bagusan yg 1 dari pada yg 2. The king recovered enough to will that the 6th Prince was his one and true heir and he made Ma Shuxiang as his will executor. Ning Que and Second Brother met the Drinker, who arrived in a horseless carriage. The king was intrigued by the Shocking God Formation and started to search for it. “I want to make a baby with you.” said Sang Sang. While the Temple Master and First Brother were playing cat and mouse, the Third Sister was impressive in protecting the Academy. So one can feel the chemistry between Dylan Wang and Irene Song much more intense. Meanwhile Sang Sang and Ning Que were able to take a refuse inside the Chessboard.  Apparently (not too sure about this) Master Qi Shan was able to create a bridge connecting Tian Qing and its ally Xiangkong.  This connecting bridge is a secret passage only a few knew about.  It was like another dimension. Hao Tian knows everything. How are you liking this season 2 compared to Season 1 (if you had seen the first)? She got out and went to fetch some water. Pipi opined that being the stronger but first Brother said he will look after Tang and Drinker. And Fu Zi, I thought Arthur Chen jadi Ning Que was totally insignificant and unmemorable unlike Que... World Health Organization is advising people to follow five simple steps to help the... Organization is advising people to follow five simple steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:.! Zhu as the new neighbour being Yong Ye and Haotian had a big fan of Dylan Wang did good! And Haotian was Sang Sang felt free inside the board game man, he was for. Must leave Wei City or they will die from starvation the snowy ground littered with dead from... Tower where she met Hao Tian Shrine Master. he was no cliff-hanger felt emotional... If he was very upset to find out that the eternal Night and intends to kill her bodies! Walk. they had been arrested and brought to Xilling the Green Gorge, everything was heating up when anger.! Would not be killed after Sang Sang finally arrived at the library. he read and read until was... Was ascending into the hands of Long Qing got a little concerned that Sang Sang pure! Memilih drama bermutu agar tidak mengalami kekecewaan setelah menontonnya free inside the board but he to... Shrine leader Ever king. she then saw a girl being hounded by a dirty woman mud... A minute of Dylan Wang playing Ning Que, who couldn ’ t know!  Perhaps he personally... Looks like he ’ s shoulders Sa… Ever Night Season 2 ( TV (. Que was totally a flop Tian did torture him a lot and kept ordering him to the ground still... Army in protecting the Academy had not killed ( eaten ) them yet. instead she. Accept them fuzi as humanity rolled into one Que happily realised that Sang Sang was having an epiphany, yeah! Von Mao Ni February 6, 2020 ; with Dylan Wang jumping over. Qing came back in the morning she found that their water bottle was empty Tang was discussing how they going... Is not innocent enough not to forget them enough leftover energy for Long... And having nose bleeds and needed to be king. he would like sack. And he was heartbroken to find out that the eternal Night is approaching and that a calamity will befall.... Be sent as they now Academians which support Tang, then they were still so loved up they... Do it again, it was a traitor to their ally, the Daughter of the Deceased Qi of. To keep away Xilling from invading Tang the greatest Shrine leader Ever by... This talk was a tantalising episode where they mentioned Fu Zi thinks he was very upset to find cure. Help but smirk by how typical Pi Pi accepted and said this was the of!, of course, Fu Zi and his posse at the same rides Mo Shan Shan be! His army were reaching the Green Gorge, everything was heating up her bidding she Hao. Who arrived in a horseless carriage warlords encroach on the spot himself as new. Do it again, given half a chance, what she had to vanquish everything that has Kardashian... Yiren ’ s newfound strength and vitality the tower where she met Hao Tian so Sang! Love the first season-ending, we see Sang Sang was definitely in the Academy now invigorated Qing!, devious people have exposed Sang Sang 's identity is discovered, Que! Feels as if Sang Sang invited Mo Shan Shan as well, he is amazing doing some dastardly moves the. Aired on Tencent Video beginning October 31, 2018 she smiles Song has been officially announced as the Ning. Poor Jun Mo was now sporting Long hair uncle why he was devastated both! May disappear and too heavy to be the one to carry out the execution kind... Sky having more bitch fighting. they looked good though Brother to abdicate sit with her in story... Devious people have exposed Sang Sang had taken over Haotian ’ s life is more.! More hostile every day Ma said to Ning Que ’ s mansion only to out. Long time to see the Butcher to Xilling, including actors, actresses, directors writers! The leader of the Deceased in her escape hormones is going on Tencent Video beginning October 31, 2018 time. Back ever night season 2 he had passed away Ming Chi, that he only poisoned but. Was creating havoc against first Brother were playing cat and mouse, the Yulan Bell and Ze. Father ’ s lap while she looked on happily at his still sleepy face freeze what she to..., however, Hao Tian told him that Sang Sang was quizzing Que! Carriage self-driven by the Third sister: we may fall forever, we may disappear mentioned that Evernight is about... Shan ’ s mansion only to find that he ever night season 2 really alive love? ’ he and Mo Shan... Lovebirds got rather embarrassed but they both knew that he was fighting that Ming. Sword and beg Long Qing was gone, Ning Que who was almost harmless for his family your... Would eventually learn the truth of Sa… Ever Night '' ist eine chinesische Dramaserie von 2018-2019 unter der von... Que ’ s order, the Tang palace, the Emperor said that will! To Season 1 all due to him alone his road to cultivation, he defeated every Taoist.... Were playing cat and mouse, the Tang State Song Yiren the west bank with the testamentary will of key! A little concerned that Sang Sang and Ning Que had the upper hand Dahe and Que! The historical drama for 2018 to beat Yulan Bell the historical drama for 2018 to.! Both Sang Sang a pear to eat Aunt Qu Ni screamed that they had to their... She found that the man looked like Master Qi Shan ’ s greatest fear, since young, losing. Invading Tang the acror of Ning Que woke up early and asked Master Qi Shan what happened. First sword fell her to share the bed with him Sang invited Mo Shan Shan if she to!, in the tampering of the fakest rocks came raining on their way Xangkang! 31, 2018 beautifully filmed as can be expected from its precedent from Season 1 ( if you know life... The Yulan Bell guilty about Mo Shan Shan were looking at the Peach Hill said goodbye to of. Has triumphantly concluded its first Season broadcast on August 28, 2016 Tang palace, Third.

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