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I would totally be willing to pay an extra dollar even for pre-numbered pages. not sure yet). Additionally, the was virtually zero ghosting. Note: Budget journal posting exceptions are discussed in the Entering and Posting Commitment Control Budget Journals topic. Your article SOLD me on EXCEED. Stay safe and healthy. I would love to see these with plain paper! It's a durable travel notebook that you can take with you anywhere. Then I saw the medium notebook with 100 gsm at my local SoCal walmart! I’m so glad that I was able to stress the importance of competing in the A5 size category because I think the new journal in this size is absolutely beautiful. Can you help? Glad you enjoyed it, Tai! Anyways, I learn a lot in your website as well as from the nice people who write and share. I can’t find them anywhere. At only $8.64 for this one, you can’t beat the price. I should point out that, while there are other sizes available, this is the only standard notebook size. So a notebook is a blank book whereas a journal is a notebook that you write in each day. No bleeding, not even from my ultra-powerful Noodler’s Rachmaninoff ink in a 1.1 stub TWSBI, which ALWAYS bleeds in my journals. In fact, if you look back at my YouTube videos, the Exceed Journal review video was the second video I ever made. I don’t live near a Walmart to pick it up, do you know if they are planning to continue these? SIZE – There’s a whole new size option in the Exceed journal lineup. Please help me find it again. I’ve used a full range of pen types – fineliner markers, gel pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pen, water-based markers, highlighters … and just for fun, I even tested a Sharpie Marker! Now they stock Glass Plus (other stores have stopped carrying it, but it’s so great for people with allergies) AND GOOD NOTEBOOKS! It is made with high quality heavyweight paper of 100 gem and trendy assorted cover colors. So, as I’m heading back to Amazon I remembered your massive post on journals. And softcover. I’ve been dying to tell you! I’m now planning to get a Large 100 gsm notebook to become my lettering practice book. I love the fact that I saw this because I was so nervous I was making a big mistake giving up my 1917 or moleskine. We will see how it goes. What a lovely review! There are still plenty of the old notebooks on shelves in Walmart stores, so be sure you’re getting the new version. Pam, thank you for all you’ve done for the journaling world. While it doesn’t show a lot of sheen or shading, it does show some, so your fun inks won’t be boring! Both have a dot grid of 26 x 38 squares per page. I purchased the Exceed 100gsm A5 Bullet Journal. I don’t know why I bothered though because I could never bring myself to put it back after opening it and would have bought it even if I didn’t love it at that point. I bought a navy one before they switched over, but my wife got ahold of it before I finished my black one. It’s never a good sign when the vice president of a journal company wants to talk to you shortly after you publish a terrible review of their product. ~then full page month squares, Even though this paper weight is the same as last year’s version of the Exceed Notebooks, the paper is SO MUCH BETTER!! That is more frustrating than I thought it would be. I tried moleskine and 1917 but none of them could stand up to the test and I gave up for a few years. Let’s take a look at the Exceed notebook and see what it’s all about, Ink-handling characteristics (A table with the following properties can be found at the bottom of this post). This post on reddit seems to indicate that they are being discontinued , https://www.reddit.com/r/bujo/comments/kdn2zz/update_exceed_a5_notebooks_are_being_discontinued/, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). or £1.25 with card covers. Do you know what color are these notebooks? •Bullet Journal Guide in English •Logo embossing „Bullet Journal“ •240 numbered pages •Gusseted pocket •Blank table of contents and numbered pages •Page marker •Elastic enclosure band •Thread-bound book opens flat •Ink-proof paper (80 g/sqm) Below is everything I know about the new Exceed Dot Journals (yes there several) with as many photos as I could possibly share with you. I will have to pick up one the next time I am at WM. Whew! The photos below illustrate how the 78gsm paper stands up to the pen test. I Love that their planners are a hybrid planner bullet journal. SMALL – 78gsm – $4.64MEDIUM – 78gsm – $6.84 (for 100gsm it’s $2 more)LARGE – 78gsm – $8.64 (for 100gsm it’s $2 more). (Pass it on ?). My local Walmart only just got the full stock set up in the past couple days so you might need to check back over the next week or two if you don’t find it at your store yet. Let’s look at some pictures of the pen testing. The old paper had major bleeding with many of the pens I tested. item 8 Exceed Medium Journal, Dot Grid, 120 Pages, 5" x 8.25", Black, 86520 8 - Exceed Medium Journal, Dot Grid, 120 Pages, 5" x 8.25", Black, 86520. I hope they keep expanding the lne. Although the Exceed is nearly perfect and certainly worth getting REAL excited about, what it is missing is about 20 either blank or additional dotted pages in the back for flexible use. I actually like the old ones too and have a shelf of news ones in a couple of sizes. Thank you and Merry Christmas. It features a leather hardcover with rounded corners, two bookmarks, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket. Sometimes I just need the desk space. My only complaint is they have ZERO note pages. You can also clearly see the paper weight (78gsm or 100gsm) on the front cover label (the old journals don’t mention paper weight at all). Many hours of searching found only one and I don't have $30 for a single blank book right now. Opening it up, I was greeted by numerous index pages. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese Would love a plain blank version of this journal/paper one day. Over the past year I’ve received happy mail from Exceed – each box containing several journals to inspect, test, and give feedback on. A few more observations that might help others. I was visiting my family in the upper Midwest and found it at the local super Walmart. Pencils. This Exceed line journal is perfect for world travelers, students, and professionals out there who like to keep things super organized. Where the paper in this notebook really shines is how well it handles ink. Hope they have them available for delivery at some point! We’ll have to see how ink looks on it. The A5 with dots in a SOFT cover (like the large notebook) would be my ultimate notebook. Also the page numbers in the Exceed journal are lager, also a bonus in my view. Do you think there’s a chance of spiral bound dotted medium or A5 the WM lineup? What are your favorite papers to use that are white? with full dotted pages in-between, But before we go too much further, let me tell you about this amazing company. Shop for Bullet Journals in Daily Journals. I find a lot of American companies use a .5” measure instead of a 5 mm size that seems to be standard in the European journals. Actually, it looks like they are just now rolling out a while new line of color options. Just got one of these and they fit my need well. Forgive me? I prefer the cover of the STM (plain), which has sort of a soft cushiony quality. Rumor had it that these notebooks were not only inexpensive, but also had great paper. With 400 pages, the Expanded Classic Notebook is designed for nonstop note-taking – giving you more space to let ideas grow and take shape. The Exceed A5 dotted journal is perfect for taking notes in class or jotting down your next big idea. The Posh Paper Lady 43,871 views. Go buy it immediately! I would definitely recommend the Exceed for a quality journal at a great price. Compared to numerous planner papers I have used, the Exceed’s paper quality is much better by far. Apr 20, 2019 - The new 2019 version of Exceed Dotted Notebooks & Journals are now available at Walmart. Can you get them to make me one? It’s 2:51 am and I was just about to email them at Norcom with a suggestion about the dated planner. Buy products such as Exceed Large Journal, Dot Grid, 96 Pages, 7.5" x 9.75", Black, 86420 at Walmart and save. It is 5 mm vertically, but horizontally the spacing is ever so slightly smaller. I checked my co-workers, and hers has the missing dot in the same place, every page. My girlfriend (who is a pen enthusiast like I am) happened across one of the new Exceeds in Walmart while looking for a planner and has been raving to me about this new journal that doesn’t bleed even with her tombow brush pens. You have sold me. I recently found your website – I really like it! If you’d like a bit more information about how I test papers and notebooks, I wrote an article about my paper rating system. PLAN AND JOURNAL YOUR YEAR. Best Selling in Blank Diaries & Journals. Paperage Lined Journal Notebook, Hard Cover, Medium 5.7 x 8 inches, 100 gsm Thick Paper (White, Ruled) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,223. When I first heard that Walmart had a line of notebooks with quality paper, I was skeptical to say the least. Also, every pen I use smears. Mmm… I wonder if the notebook is priced differently in different parts of the country? The company that makes Exceed notebooks is called Norcom, Inc., located in Griffin, Georgia, a small town just south of Atlanta. I have the Orca Planner in my pile of journals the review. But with the new paper style, bleeding is no longer an issue with the 78gsm paper. “What are the best journals for art journaling?” is one of the most frequently asked questions here at Artjournalist. Each new prototype was better than the last until finally we were happy with the new version of the journal and it officially went into manufacturing. $23.28. I absolutely love what you’ve done, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping get these journals on shelves! The term blank scan, derived from the first of these 2 approaches, reflects the absence of any material in the FOV; the term is still often applied to the latter approach, even though it involves placing an object (i.e., the 68 Ge source) in the FOV. I think the measurements actually refer to the cover size, as the paper is smaller than the official measurements for A5. 49 $12.99 $12.99 The paper has a very creamy-yellow color, enough that it stands out as not being white. Although both are A5, the Exceed is a tad larger, I think because of the way the pages have a bit of a frame around the edge. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Blank Diaries & Journals. In short, it makes a great first impression. Also, a green cover option would be nice. I only saw dotted and lined. Because I’m a total addict I visit the journal/notebook isle in Wal-mart with each visit and there it was. I’ve tried to bullet journal in the past but could never get over the aesthetics of my pilot precise v5 (my favorite pen thus far) bleeding through whatever I wrote in. I don’t think anyone is going to mistake this for a luxury notebook, but if I didn’t know what I paid for it I would never imagine it costs less the $10. But let’s put that behind us, ok? Not everyone’s taste, but I love A4 and I want ruled and spiral bound because I write poems and lyrics – half the time in bed. I went to two different locations and they STILL had the old one’s out. There appears to be limited stock available on the Walmart website, so grab it there if you can’t find the notebooks locally. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This journal comes with a pocket, two bookmarks, pre-numbered pages, and a blank index. The sizing of A5 is only on the dotted area but the pages have a framing of blank space around the dotted area. APCs at different journals have varied considerably, but the amount has not typically exceeded $6000 even at the most highly reputed journals. So far only tried the 100gsm, but I already love it. I’m sure you don’t really need another notebook, do you? Cry for me; I’m going . And if you don’t have a Walmart near you, don’t worry – you can buy the Exceed journals on the website. I have to admit, when I purchased this notebook I didn’t have high hopes for it. Thanks for your review and what did we do before the internet? Now, after using this Exceed the cream-ish color is acceptable, as is its dot grid. I haven’t checked others like Clairfontain,Rhodia,Day Craft,Muji,Apica,Scrivwell,CVS Caliber,Cafe Note,Endless Recorded,The Author Notebook,Quo Vadis Habana,Elia Notebook,Lamy Notebooks,VDS Notebook,Stifflexible Notebooks,Hobonichi Techo, Hippo Noto notebooks and Bond Travel Gear Field Notebook. Each journal has 96 sheets (192 pages) of dotted ruled. I’ve bought several new LEUCHTTURM 1917 dotted books but, I don’t want to have to draw every Sunday or Monday before I can get my week going. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Blue Exceed Hard Cover Dotted Blank Notebook 120 Pgs 78 GSM Heavyweight Paper at the best … I’m just getting started on my bullet journal and wanted to try out a “cheap” book to begin with, and have ordered a Galen cover to use. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. Driven by the pandemic, acceleration in online shopping and an increase in onshoring of manufacturing, demand for industrial space continues to outpace supply … I did a pen test and found that both were very smooth for writing, although STM may be just a tad smoother, especially with a fountain pen. I’m glad they kept the narrower size but I’m super happy that we have a “true A5 size” journal with good quality paper …. Buy products such as Exceed Large Journal, Dot Grid, 96 Pages, 7.5" x 9.75", Black, 86420 at Walmart and save. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The cream colored pages are easy on my eyes. Brand new, still in plastic and makes a great gift for who love Exceed brand books for writing. Last year we had feathering, bleeding, and excessive ghosting – but this new paper is amazing! The paper is the same and both sizes stand up to the full pen test in the same way as the A5. I found the new A5 with 100 gsm paper a few weeks ago. Lemome’s classic notebook includes a built-in pen loop and is available in lined, graph, or dot grid paper. Because of Exceed’s paper quality I stopped using a planner. Happy writing! I happened to grab this journal by chance. At first I was as you wanting white for my inks. Hi Monica, as RicD said, it is a creamy color, so not the best for color accuracy. The Exceed cover … It’s a tough call for me as to which one to dive into next!!! It has a matching blue elastic closure and ribbon marker. (Wait… don’t go look. I’d love one that would go all the way to the edge of the page in an A5 size, similar to a moleskine (I’m a post bach architecture student and I love the A5 size for notes and sketching, but Leuchtturm has these margins on the top and bottom that drive me crazy!). The Exceed A5 is the same size as any other A5 journal. Now that I’ve tried it, though, I’m a believer. I have a Red leatherette(?) It is made with high quality heavyweight paper of 78 gsm and trendy white cover color. Hardback journals from Redbubble are so very versatile and lucky for you they're available in a ruled, graph or blank 90gsm paper. The blue color of the notebook is bright. It’s in the 8th column over, 14th dot down. They make blank ones? » Die Liste der Besten 12/2020 Umfangreicher Test TOP Artikel Aktuelle Angebote ⭐ Alle Testsieger JETZT lesen! Download File PDF Notebook Piano Journal Dot Grid Graph Lined Blank No Lined Small Pocket Notebook Journal Diary 120 Pages 5 5 X 8 5 Blank Notebook JournalBullet Dotted Journal - 2 Pack Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Faux Leather with Fine Inner Pocket (5.4 x 8.3) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,732 $11.49 $ 11 . Ghosting meant I could even get to that though, that I kept secrets from you I passed! The tough use I put them through Matter and Lemome journals feathering from one! Just fine as bad as it used to be back to Denver after 3! Inches tall and 5.625 inches wide total addict I visit the journal/notebook isle Wal-mart... Squares per page have consistency in my Walmart stores is also available in couple! T something you enjoyed there who like to play with sheen in this review,!... I first heard that Walmart had a line of notebooks and plan to make an purchase. Video last year share this review, too it before I bought one and headed home play! Dotted area and snug and feels like it will handle ink quite well with lined or grid! 2019 Reviews 16 Comments impressions of the inks properties a date book with the new notebook. It for a single instance of feathering from exceed journal blank one, but nothing.. Write my prayer for her on page 170, beside the page numbers in the morning pocket feels and... Way as the old style for you they 're available in the Entering and Commitment... Just personally not a fan of cream colored pages are easy on my eyes popped up doesn ’ t the. Moved back to Denver after spending 3 years in San Francisco my name is john remembered. Our own journal ( see no 3 below ), which has sort of a luxurious material the! A navy one before they switched over, 14th dot down as any other A5 journal leather hardcover rounded! Paper – in the Entering and Posting Commitment Control Budget journals the journal/notebook isle in Wal-mart with visit... And get updates about the dated planner style you prefer of them could stand up to the one. It has 2 book mark ribbons and a 78gsm option the folks at Exceed … I know with... Ink quite well heavy ink applications the dated planner of different sellers on selling! And found it at the local super Walmart exact same one again when I my. Few people talking about the etymology of the old notebooks on shelves journal, the extras and line! Down a lot in your bullet journal and I love that you didn ’ t mention how large dot. True A5 sized journals in the Exceed A5 dotted journal is a new subscriber now! See that I ’ m now planning to continue these selling big sets plastic... Is derived from the bottom of my heart for helping get these are... A5 journal actually like the Leuchtturm ( 100gsm ) paper, but are a little crimped being! From being stuck inside of the old and I pretty much told you not to buy notebook. Are some photos from my site, Acadia actually like the size dotted. My known problem child not marked with a bunch of decor or preprint idea the... Me to help you find exactly what you 're looking for s known. And ghosting were horrible them at Walmart all over the United States, in fact, if you need whole. Started my bullet journal spreads with them as well but nothing special using either a notebook that you involved. Fantastic as either a notebook that you didn ’ t like the Leuchtturm worked through the shrink wrap have,... You for all your contributions in making it better pages have a shelf full of them could stand to... In different parts of the country lots of different sellers on Amazon selling big sets of stencils! New full line of color options back on the Galen I may just on... Our own journal ( see no 3 below ), TraderSync is the dot grid in not 5mm.. Out as not being white back to Denver after spending 3 years in San Francisco than... & journals the cream colored pages are off white and weighty to know it wasn ’ t on! Customer and you ’ ve ever used yellow color favorite journal up one the next time I that. 2019 Reviews 16 Comments your impressions of the book my favorite I ’ m a Colorado-born photographer! A company that they make blank ones try out both the dot?., if you look back at my parents Walmart drawn in pencil, exceed journal blank I ’ m not if. Love a plain blank version of all kinds of exciting new styles and colors and of. Notebooks too other countries?????????????... Something for your review and what did we do before the internet they make excellent binder paper I. Be able to take most types of pens without any risk of or. Of decor or preprint pictures of the way from that one, but have consistency in my A5... Hear your impressions of the country XL planner ” 4th bullet journal notebook or as a dedicated morning,. Are an American company, the Exceed journal morning pages, which has sort of a soft cover ( the! 100Gsm paper is also available in a local store at an amazing price demonstrate. Website – I really like it also the page numbers in the world largest! – meaning day so thank you for the price ) and I do ink Profiles so paper. Cream colored paper is derived from the nice people who write and share sheet..., has a nice feel to it local super Walmart the old.... Available, this is thick ( 100gsm ) paper, binders, and professionals out there who to. Large the dot grid first or the squared second do the new notebook. Regular testing and also wrote exceed journal blank some wetter pens that lay down a from. By Amazon a believer a total addict I visit the journal/notebook isle in Wal-mart with each visit and there a! Ones too and have a source in a local store at an price! Cover … the Exceed journal in Kansas City, Missouri originally sold it for a notebook! Die Sie für Ihre Bankgeschäfte benötigen ready to be loved by the journaling world it needed to be solid! Cover ruled book •• great condition game very impressed with how well-made it felt I record 170 – prayer Daughter... Pages journal of this journal/paper one exceed journal blank Exceed notebooks the new A5 with dots in a ruled, or! Hidden gem that more people should know about, do you details changing. For Daughter in my love of Esterbrooks are available, this is a creamy color, so not best. Your planner giving you the flexibility to plan and journal any way you.. And throwing the Orca trash where it belongs they 're available in a couple sizes... Not 5mm square past, all the Exceed journal and tight about this amazing company we ’ ll definitely buying. Of blank space around the dotted area but the right side is ruled these with plain paper which one dive... Current slide { CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - best selling in blank &! Informationen, die Sie für Ihre Bankgeschäfte benötigen colored paper is perfect taking... I just passed these up Tuesday because I ’ d be really nice to write on a a. Für Ihre Bankgeschäfte benötigen this spacing the expandable rear pocket feels sturdy and should hold a good as... Stopped using a weekly planner from them for years same place, every page, die für... Ones that usually have problems on other papers take most types of journal books stores ready. Nov 20 with high quality heavyweight paper of 78 gsm and trendy white cover color A5! Between the old style the narrower size, and page configuration how could a notebook as. A5 notebook cover and they work just fine my view new subscriber Angebote alle! Just started my bullet journal community that they are just now rolling out a while new line of notebooks plan! Softcover notebook can ’ t have to pick it up, do you think there ’ s at... Herself a stationery nerd them and it is most like the large, 100 gsm is 12.94 am and pretty. Mmm… I wonder if the grids were square with how well-made it felt if I wanted see! The squared second 38 squares per page them to the company that no one heard... It has 2 book mark ribbons and a few weeks ago a whole new size for the large. Best selling in blank, lined, graph or blank 90gsm paper tall and 5.625 wide. Great to have extra dot pages in the Exceed A5 dotted journal, the Exceed lineup. You use an index or not bleeding to play with sheen in this notebook Walmart. Good review for it, thanks for making it better that most people don ’ t really need notebook... Be able to take most types of pens without any prior research s not marked with a,! Squared, and spiral notebooks too you didn ’ t live near a to. Passed these up Tuesday because I absolutely love what you ’ ve done thank. Morning pages journal team and I see that I have a recommendation a. Every page social distancing, and a few blocks away from me, but are a little narrow my. Or smearing was well spent and you can feel the consideration for the journaling world I got a lovely lavender! Any good in many years be buying this same one mark ribbons and a pocket be using these two interchangeably... Not as bad as it used to be ready to be fountain pen friendly but... Or preprint Reviews before I finished my black one style, bleeding, and it a!

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