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These widths are called NOMINAL "in name only" measurements. Grades for tongue and groove cedar siding include Clear Heart, A Clear, Select Knotty, Proprietary, and Standard and Better. Thank you for all your hard work and communicating with me and getting the job finished! One is SMOOTH texture finish, one is ROUGH. WARNING: You HAVE to coat ALL sides and edges prior to installation to ensure against ROT. First, there are two different grading systems for Cedar: Structural Grade and Appearance Grade. We resided a whole home. Western Red Cedar Siding is a beautiful, affordable and environmentally friendly siding choice. Highly recommend this company and their services and products are stellar! If you haven’t seen our post about the exterior design concept, be sure to start there! They are very through in every step of the process. That vision was the driving force behind all other decisions for our home’s exterior. Western Red Cedar exterior siding or cladding comes in a spectrum of patterns, including the one that is just right for your home’s style and your budget. Delivery was as expected. NEAR Clear has very few, very tiny knots and a median price point for the "Knot so fond". Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used wood siding. Cedar siding is available in clear and knotty grades. Knotty wood costs half as much as Clear. Near Clear Cedar is the one step down from CLEAR cedar - a D&BTR mill siding grade that customers can use to save serious bucks. If you want an informal, natural feel to your home, knotty cedar siding could be the best choice for you. Buffalo "Customer Select" means you the customer spend the time selecting out defect from a higher grade saving the mill time and you dollars. So it falls to the installer which effect they achieve based on what the customer wants. I will need to get my tall ladder out one more time as I can see some light tannin bleed through on about 5 of the boards on the lower section, despite the mill’s oil primer and 1 topcoat of paint, followed by the 2 more topcoats I had added. We recommend a stone veneer for lower 18 inches. Many customers have also used a "cedar" … Excellent on helping us decide on materials needed,stain,handling Western Red Cedar, what nails to use - I could go on and on. I’m sure the neighbors were as tired of looking at it as we were, and I was pretty tired of climbing up and down on it every day, although it contributed to losing nearly 10lbs in the past month! We see a lot of people installing their wood siding all the way to the ground. It has been a pleasure working with Chris and the Buffalo Lumber team and look forward to future orders. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT Olympic Semi Transparent Stain # 901 White Birch (OM 4463). It arrived packaged exceptionally well with NO damage. Hard to believe that we started planning this project in earnest back in late December (although I suspect that Nancy starting planning it earlier than that! Real Cedar Profiles. I primed and painted those, and then did some final edge caulking, and applied 2 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Aura white topcoat to everything. But even CLEAR grades rules allow knots. Not paying enough attention to where water goes and how it flows is the most frequently made mistake we see. The original portion of the house was built in early 1830's. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THE JOB RIGHT YOU CANNOT FINISH BETTER THAN MACHINES CAN!! Stained Olympic "Redwood" 717 Semi-trans (OM 4251). This house was a restoration rather than renovation. This sheathing also worked great with the face nailed Maze stainless ring-shanked nails as they really hold tight to the sheathing. Thank you so much! 1x8 T&G (V4E 3/8 T&G 6 3/4 EXP) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use. We had good communications throughout the process. Steven Bliss. A FACTORY FINISH ensures a lasting, higher quality job than traditional "on site" stain or prime applications. 600 SQFT 1x4 T&G CEDAR-IRC SIDING + 500 LFT TRIM D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Smooth Use. Factory finishing costs about half the amount of field staining. After all the cedar T&G boards were face nailed in place, we installed trim boards the carpenter created on his table saw from a couple of the mildly bowed cedar boards. We’re looking forward to getting the house painted sometime this summer, and as you can see from the 2nd to last picture, the cedar shakes have some darkening from mildew that needs to be cleaned off first. We had some challenges working around the 8 purlins, but our carpenter (an old-school guy) managed to make the necessary cuts and adjustments around them. The recognized authority since 1915. There was some fear at making such a significant purchase over the internet on "sight unseen" material but the overall quality of our contact with all personnel and the website made it much easier to just "close our eyes" and jump. These products are much thinner than furring strips but still allow air and water to flow behind the wood. View our sitemap. Be a drop of water and take the trip from roof to ground. Europe, Asia, Africa - anywhere a container will go we can get it there. We have prioritized by explaining things that affect your budget the most and warning you about common misconceptions that cause pain, suffering and a LOT OF MONEY! Although ,the original material most likely would have been poplar (all other wood in the house, including the original logs from the log cabin, was poplar), when painted you can't tell and the cedar will last longer. Tongue and groove siding can be installed at an angle, vertically or horizontally. This grade consists of D Clear, C Clear, and B Clear. You might be interested in the following links, Common Sense Wood Siding Seasoning, Storage and Installation Tips for Do It Yourself Homeowner and Builder. Knotty cedar is more affordable and … The problem is water. Once your order is placed we stay in email and phone contact with you throughout the course of your order. It will damn sure take some stain off your wall. When does it make sense to Factory Finish? See Areas we ship to and Delivery Information. Cedar siding is actually less maintenance than you think and there's many reasons why you should use cedar for your next siding … It took me about 6 months to decide on what siding we were going to use and Buffalo Lumber helped us to receive a top quality product, Thank you so much. Not to mention, the first glimpses of these materials being … Continue reading "PDCo Home: Cedar Siding" YOU HAVE TO BACK SEAL! This decision was made, in part, as a result of the information on your website. WESTERN RED CEDAR SIDING CLEAR GRADES OF WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL SIDING Clear bevel siding is graded for smooth face use with the exception of Rustic which is graded for saw textured use only. For our new home and budget, the siding supplier decision was no small issue (product cost alone $50,000+). We screwed those to the structural studs, plates and blocking to really solidify the wall. Learn about the different grades of cedar products by visiting the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau website today. Over the sheathing, we installed Benjamin Obdyke Slicker HP rain screen and insect screen, prior to installing the cedar T&G boards. All that was followed up with some scraping and sanding of the existing fascia and frieze boards (which are old growth redwood), and the soffit paneling. They may be tiny, they may be few but they are allowed in grade rules. Every phase of the shipping was well coordinated. Our normal lead time from order to door is 2 - 8 weeks. Price was good. The product itself exceeded my expectations. Out of all the t&g I ordered I don't think I wasted more then 1 or 2 boards but used those boards for smaller pieces. Cedar Siding is often sold by the linear (or lineal) foot in 6", 8" and sometimes 10" and 12" widths. Overall, it was a great buying experience, and I would recommend to anyone in the market for wood siding products, to speak with these folks before you make your final decision. 2000 SQFT 1x6 BEVEL THIN NO RABBET (1/2X THICK, 1 OVERLAP) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, AYE&BTR FJ (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR FJ), KD, PrimePaint, S1S, Smooth Use. We can mill almost any size 1X6, 1X8, 1X10 and pattern you want - SHIPLAP, NICKEL GAP, DUTCH LAP, TONGUE & GROOVE, CHANNEL RUSTIC, BEVEL, CLAPBOARD, LOG AND WAVY EDGE. I had a wonderful experience with this company. Find information on styles, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Tongue & Groove Siding. We will send before and after pictures. Hi Rob! Within this grade… Buffalo Lumber is without a doubt, the easiest company to do business with. Everyone was prompt to answer and easy to work with. He even arranged a tour of the mill for me. It was added on to periodically but at least one addition was completed on Thursday June 13, 1907 because during the restoration, we found a board signed by Wm Sheffield with that date on it. Cedar Siding - Delivered Mill Direct To You! Red and white cedar siding is available in different grades, which affect the overall look of your home's exterior. They were absolutely great people to deal with from the 1st call to the last. Delivery to and around the following US Cities and Zips: Read our handy list of abbreivations for our patterns. Our orders are custom milled and factory finished. Yes we will take experience with wood but above all else give me someone who CARES about the end result. Bear Creek Lumber can provide a multitued of options in tongue and groove by adjusting size, grade … Wood Siding Milled Texture directly impacts your long term costs because rough face holds more stain than smooth. Our Buffalo Budget Knotty Grade is a "No Prior Selection" tight knot grade. The product is beautiful. They are usually furnished as A & Better allowing a % of B or C & … All communication is handled personally - by phone and email. CLEAR CEDAR SIDING vs. KNOTTY: The most significant question is "Do you like knots?". 1x12 HAIDA SKIRL (1 THICK, 2 OVERLAP WAVY EDGE) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK, STAINED Olympic 50/50 mix of "Chestnut Brown" & "Royal Mahogany" semi trans oil mix (OM 4660). Consult with a Buffalo Lumber Milling Expert today. This cedar siding is available in clear and knotty grades, and is made by resawing lumber at an angle to produce pieces thicker on one … Every piece wood in the order had its own profile and specific details. In the last years SMOOTH face texture has become popular but at a cost to your siding performance and endurance. One will need to be re-finished every 2-3 years and the other every 4-7 years. We even asked for an unusual stain color and they accommodated us. We have been using Buffalo Lumber for a few years as our custom cedar supplier. I would highly recommend Buffalo Lumber. Shedding Some Light on Decisions that Affect your Budget. Our Do It Yourself Customers do a better job than professionals sometimes because they take the time to read the instructions and do the job exactly right. 1500 SQFT 1x8 DUTCH LAP CEDAR-WRC SIDING STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use. He did an excellent job, wood was covered by you guys and by him. Duckback 2907 "Canyon Brown" Stain (OM 3966). 1x8 CHANNEL LAP (5/8 LAP, 1 REVEAL) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, Resawn, Rough Use, 1x4 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - Rough) CEDAR-WRC TRIM, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, S1S2E, Rough Use, 1 1/4x6 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - Rough) CEDAR-WRC TRIM, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, S1S2E, Rough Use, 1 1/4x8 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE-Rough) CEDAR-WRC TRIM, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, S1S2E, Rough Use  (OM 4805), All Mill Pre-Finished with Cabot's Semi-Solid Oil based stain - Color Cordovan Brown. Just wanted to confirm what other reviews stated. DUTCH LAP CEDAR SIDING 1x8 CLEAR GRADE - MILL PRE-STAINED BM "MAHOGANY" Dutch Lap Siding has 3/8” overlap with a 1 1/4” curved recessed edge. Adapted/paraphrased with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction. The important thing once again is to give it a place to go. The sales professional was open about the process and the milling location and the 2800 sq ft was delivered perfectly. It’s going to look terrific when all of the painting is completed. Check out more common sense Cedar Siding Seasoning, Storage and Installation Tips. Within each of these varieties, the cedar is given a letter grade, such as “D and better” or “C and better.” … Primed + 1 Top Coat SW 2816 "Rookwood Dark Green" (OM 4089). 1x6 BEVEL THICK RABBETED (1 + 1/8 THICK, 3/4 OVERLAP) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, Resawn, Rough Use (OR 4836), Mill PRE Primed + 1 Top Coat Paint - Snowbound SW7004. Thus, we will be ordering more in the next couple of months. Buffalo Lumber offers a wide selection of quality products. The rankings are based on the number of knots in the wood and the milling done on the face … Requested 10' Lengths ONLY. This is an architect grade. Clear, Vertical Grain – This is the highest grade of Western Red Cedar. It's not rocket science but it has to be done right. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-INCENSE SIDING, #3 (BL Grade Equivalent CUSTOMER SELECT), KD, UNFINISHED, S1S, Rough or Smooth Use  (OM 4646). © Copyright 2004-2020 Buffalo Lumber Inc. All Rights Reserved. The biggest and most frequent mistake we see people make is thinking they can just tack cedar siding up and stain the face to save money. Cedar Lumber - Beams and Timbers in all sizes - prices and pictures, 1x6 BEVEL THICK RABBETED RED CEDAR MILL PRIME & PAINT, TONGUE & GROOVE 1X6 CLEAR & 1X4 NEAR CLEAR CEDAR SIDING, 1x8 CHANNEL LAP + 1x6 T&G STK CEDAR SIDING + TRIM, T&G CEDAR SIDING 1x6 + 1x8 MILL PRE-STAINED, ​1x8 T&G CLEAR CEDAR SIDING MILL PRIMED and PAINTED, ​1x6 T&G NEAR CLEAR CEDAR MICRO BEVEL PATTERN, 1x8 DUTCH LAP (COVE) INCENSE CEDAR STK PRE-STAINED, DUTCH LAP CEDAR SIDING + TRIM MILL PRE-STAINED, 1x6 BEVEL CEDAR SIDING CLEAR FINGER JOINT FACTORY PRIME+PAINT, JOB: Project Consultant & Sales Applications CLOSED, JOB: Phone & Order Support applications CLOSED, Buffalo Lumber announces first in a series of AIA CSE Exterior Wood Performance Webinar to be presented March 6th 2019, Buffalo Lumber Company Presents Shiplap Done Right in Modern Farmhouse-Style Home, Bevel siding with rabbet (notched cut) on bottom edge. This is a very large and comprehensive page because there is a LOT YOU NEED TO KNOW if you want to make exterior Cedar Siding work long term. I’m attaching some pictures showing the various stages or working through the installation. Running a hundred SQFT short can cost $$$$ if custom milling and shipping are involved. In 2016, I ordered quite a lot of Dutch lap cedar to finish off the exterior upper level of a custom barn-house as well as inside the aisle-way and a washrack room for horses. Boy are we glad we did. Our customer in Upstate New York did it all right - her installation includes overhangs to handle drainage, stone veneer for splash back, rain screen to provide air space and factory pre-finish at the mill for stain back seal. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use. Cedar siding can be purchased as unseasoned (green), 19% maximum moisture content (S-dry), or 15% maximum moisture content (MC15). The Dutch Lap pattern provides excellent weather protection and installs with a minimal amount of effort and material wastage. So here's just a little detail on the project. Your appearance and performance priorities determine your budget with clear grades. have been used for hundreds of years and remain popular in many sections of the United States and other countries despite their need for regular refinishing. Buffalo Lumber provided a quality solution for my home renovation with superior customer service. Oil based stains penetrate well enough that when it comes time to cleanup and maintain you just wash them with oxygen bleach to clean and do it again with Oxalic Acid to prep for finish and you are rolling. Find information on styles, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Bevel Siding. Buffalo Lumber offers full 20 and 40 foot container quotes internationally. Concentrated water carved the Grand Canyon. You have to take your time with wood. Water will get behind the wood, whether it migrates out from the inside through condensation or finds its way in from outside it will get there. I would highly recommend buffalo lumber for anyone looking looking for lumber. Your website was explicitly clear on how to install the siding and it went up easily. So it looks like that’ll be the next project to do. Eastern white cedar shingles are classified by grades A, B, C and D. Eastern white cedar “A” grades have no imperfections, were as the “B” grade has imperfections above the bottom 6” but are not on the … Western Red Cedar Shingles within this grade are sometimes referred to as “Red Label”. Calculate your Cedar Wood Siding SQFT to LFT Coverage. Once we got a driver he kept in contact with ETA. We recommend Furring Strips for this in most cases. I highly recommend the company and the product.! Will be providing pictures to them to use as appreciation as well as to help other customers visualize end results. This is the Worst Thing you can Possibly do with Wood Siding! However, much of the exterior siding was rotten and had to be replaced. Number 3 ~ a utility grade for economy applications; commonly used on sheds and utilitarian buildings or for starter courses for higher grades. Be sure to confirm the DRESSED pattern measurements with the mill or lumber yard BEFORE you buy. Prime white, Paint Cabot's "White"  (OM 4632 4652). All Mill Pre-Finished Olympic 716 "Cedar" tone semi-transparent oil-based stain (OM 4782). Tongue and groove siding is available with rough or smooth faces. By the time you realize there is a problem the cost to repair it is in the thousands or tens of thousands. Couldn't have asked for a better driver and rig. Our exterior cedar wood siding is manufactured by members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association to meet today’s needs for consistent quality in a wide range of wood siding … Our DIY... DON'T RUN SHORT! I was at a Timber Frame show and the guy presenting spoke that term in disgust while describing people who use big cedar timbers as accent points instead of a real Mortice and Tenon Timber Framed structure. Your appearance priorities will determine your budget with clear grades. We hope you’re enjoying the summer, and having time to spend with your family doing fun things. If you don't want knots you will pay TWICE AS MUCH. I had to create some removeable-for-cleaning screens for the 6 attic fan vent openings to keep out birds, bats and stink bugs, and made those from PVC trim and welded stainless ¼” steel mesh. The C and Better Clear grade offers good appearance in high quality, well manufactured lumber. Our photo of a wood clapboard-sided home (left) shows the Daniel Vose house, referred to historically as the Suffolk Resolve… Wish more businesses were like this! This involves strippers and chemicals and considerable costs. 99% of all reported siding problems are preparation and installation related- that means 99% of how your wood performs depends on YOU! Find information on styles, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Lap Siding. We actually think it will do better but we use 1 year to quantify it. We guarantee your order will be completed as ordered! At a cost between $3 and $15 per square foot for re-finishing (depending on who does the labor) those costs stack up. Their customer service is excellent. We can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers - smaller shipments would be customer arranged. The saw (a Festool Kapex) has detents for miter cuts at 22.5° (matching the roof pitch), so we made pretty fast progress. All the samples were shipped fast. 1x6 T&G (V2E - micro bevel 1/8" v) CEDAR-IRC SIDING, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, UNFINISHED, S1S, Smooth Use (OM 4639). The cedar siding was perfect. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, AYE&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use, 16' and under 1x4 T&G (V2E) CEDAR-IRC SIDING, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR … Making mistakes - Fixing something that goes wrong costs 10 times more than it does to do the job right in the first place. We advise against this because that bottom 18 inches will need constant care to keep it looking good. In these uncertain times we can help you plan. The siding is all on and in the process of being painted. Clear cedar is considered premium cedar, so it is more expensive and a good choice for an upscale project. You guys also did a great job with the wood! We probably have enough left over to piece together a replacement for the old front porch ceiling, which is approximately 7’x9’, and currently covered with the same grooved Masonite siding that the gable wall had. … 1x8 COVE LAP (1/2 LAP, 1 1/4 REVEAL) CEDAR-INCENSE SIDING, STK (BL Grade Equivalent MILL SELECT), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use. Find information on styles, sizes, coverage table and specifications for Trim Boards. Western Red Cedar tongue and groove siding is a highly versatile and attractive option for siding a home. 1x6 T&G (V4E) CEDAR-WRC SIDING, AYE&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, Rough Use, 16' and under, 1x4 T&G (V2E) CEDAR-IRC SIDING, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, StainEXT, RESAWN, 1x4 BOARD (SQUARE EDGE - rough) CEDAR-IRC TRIM, D&BTR (BL Grade Equivalent NEAR CLEAR), KD, - All mill pre-finished with Olympic 716 "Cedar" tone oil-based semi-trans (OM 4659). When the carpenter wasn’t here, I worked on spackling, sanding, priming and painting any minor surface defects on the boards and priming and painting the cut ends while on the ground (actually, in the basement where it was much cooler to work). Semi-Transparent Through Semi-Solid Stains. In these instances we recommend a drain wrap or mesh wrap. Mill Select is graded to meet the “Tight Knot” description in any given rule book and is the first official “Appearance Grade” tier for projects where codes have to be met. How do you like Knots now? That means that the mill has not officially graded to be "Select Tight Knot" by the rule book as is done with "Mill Select" grades. Wood siding is often sold by the linear (or... We carry products from suppliers located all across the country so each delivery will be calculated based on location of customer, location of product manufacturer and weight of total shipment. who follows and updates the customer weekly on the lumber milling, painting, and delivery. There is no limit to the number of knots but there is a limit to the size and the type of knot. I would not hesitate to use your company again in the future, or refer others to you. I was a little leery about finding a lumber source online, but wow! I was skeptical of ordering an important part of our dream house via a company in TN as we are based in central CA. There is a lot of Clear in the Near Clear grades- a good trimmer can create the effect of clear and still be under 10% trim and waste (in our opinion). I sanded, scraped and painted the porch ceiling several years ago and it already has some alligatoring and small blisters showing. In most cases we recommend using oil based stains for this reason. This will guard against splash back - rain water hitting the ground and splashing back against the siding which can cause a finish failure. Our STK Tight Knot Grade - "Mill Select" means the mill has selected the wood to meet the "Tight Knot" grade rule in the books. Today I’m excited to share more detailed information behind the actual product selections and process. Typically, the clear grades are kiln dried to MC15 specifications, … All Buffalo Lumber orders are delivered MILL DIRECT to your JOB SITE. There was ZERO unusable lumber caused by mill waste. Buffalo Lumber was great to deal with. Water gets behind the wood and causes problems. In most cases, this grade … We struggled for a little bit with the decision on whether to use wood or some type of composite material (like Hardy board or vinyl) but finally settled on wood as being the most historically accurate. For specific Western Red Cedar siding grades, please visit the siding grading page. We will get your order in the queue so it is ready when you are. Sometimes Furring strips are not realistic due to several reasons. These are both beautiful  CLEAR WESTERN RED CEDAR SIDING homes. Characteristics & Properties of Western Red Cedar. Rough face on average will last at least two years longer before requiring maintenance than smooth texture. I cannot stress how helpful the website and EVERYONE at Buffalo was. Grade Description Grading Rule Paragraph1 CLEAR VERTICAL GRAIN HEART* This is the highest bevel siding grade. I plan to order internal wood products now to complete our vision. … From the initial inquiry (1.5 yrs ago) to now, installing the Dutch Lap Cedar Siding now, Buffalo Lumber exemplifies customer success in every way. The attention to detail in helping me select the right combination, to the shipping and packaging, makes me believe again that people do take pride in their work. I’ll wait until the paint has had time to fully cure for at least another week or two (or three) before doing that extra final coat. Solid wood siding materials (clapboards, drop-leaf or novelty siding, wood shingles, vertical wood siding, board and batten, etc.) Having your cedar siding Pre-Finished at the mill runs 50¢ to $1 per square foot per coat. You will get a few loose knots but nothing that would threaten a 10-15% job site trim and waste margin. Water based stains cost more to maintain in most cases. Red Cedar has always been a popular choice for siding, and with good reason: It's a naturally durable wood that retains its shape and holds finishes extremely well. Figure 1-2 years with Transparent finish, 2-5 with Semi-transparent, 4-7 with Semi-solid, 7-10 with solid and up to 25 years with primer and paint. Clear and Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) are the Highest appearance grades we have. Buffalo Lumber was focused on providing me the best possible customer experience from first contact through delivery of the final product with a very knowledgeable and helpful staff - even for us do-it-your-selfers. This siding is now the crown jewel on what we hope is a historically accurate restoration with a few concessions to modern living. For specific Western Red Cedar siding grades, please visit the siding … First contact with the Buffalo Lumber Specialist who answered all of my questions regarding siding choices, availability, time, cost, and delivery options, to Buffalo's Customer Relations Manager with information on wood products, its proper storage, use, grades, and installation - right down to the type of nails to use - and the Buffalo Order Manager, unbelievably, (what company does this these days?) Often our customers have chosen a darker stain to achieve the same depth of color. I am a contractor, but this project was for my own house and I would definitely recommend Buffalo Lumber Company. I was never left in the dark. Cedar siding has traditionally been graded and milled to the ROUGH face. After finally finishing the upper half (living space) with the Dutch lap cedar from Buffalo in 2017, we came up short (my fault!) They delivered our order in a timely manner and provided wonderful customer service. Cedar Impressions Perfection Shapes Available in Scallop, Octagon, and Half-Cove profiles, Cedar Impressions Perfection Shapes offer the architectural appeal of cedar siding accents without the …

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