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Headline Planet reported: After enjoying success with previous releases like “Best Rapper Ever,” Tom MacDonald is again making a splash on the US iTunes store. Because in these times of police brutality, systematic racism and neo-Nazi renaissance, we truly are not taking enough time to consider the plight of the White Man — especially not the White … Produced by Tom MacDonald. This is the exact reason Trump won. [ February 1, 2021 ] Rapper Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke” Which SLAMS Cancel Culture Reaches #1 – Media Blackout Entertainment [ February 1, 2021 ] Tyrannical California Gov. I hate Trump, but there is a fundamental misunderstanding by the far left that willfully conflating these two for some sort of half-baked slacktivism and sense of moral superiority doesn't have any repercussions. Tapioca Banned. tom macdonald trump. September 15, 2020. The official Tom MacDonald website. Tom MacDonald the Canadian rapper who is currently living in Los Angeles released a number of albums including Lee Ann’s Son (2014), See You Tomorrow (2015), Dream People & the Whiskey Wars (2015).While listening to his music from a couple of years back until now, you can really see and hear how he developed into a legitimate rapper. Hangover Gang. Tom Barrack and Donald Trump have been friends and confidants for more than three decades — the two men are so close, for instance, that Barrack comforted Trump during the funeral of his father, Fred. Album Ghostories. The song rips the intolerance of the cancel-culture in America today. 380.5k Followers, 361 Following, 3,545 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tom MacDonald (@hangovergang) Aug 17, 2017 522 226 270. Both rappers have a moderately strong social media presence, with Lethal having the larger following of the two. New Single WhiteBoy OUT NOW! Tom MacDonald. Tom MacDonald Lyrics "Fake Woke" I think it's crazy I'm the one who they labeled as controversial ... And now he doesn't want fans if they voted for Trump We're ashamed to be American, you should probably love it 'Cause you have the right to say it and not get strung up in public Rapper Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke” reached Number One on the all-genre US iTunes song sales chart on Saturday. Newsom PANICS as His Recall Becomes ‘Inevitable’ News [ February 1, 2021 ] CLUELESS: Kamala Harris Tells Jobless Coal Miners They Should Work Reclaiming Abandoned ‘Land … The Weigh In. So desperate, in fact, that he made a whole song about it. CHINGY, rapper. Tom MacDonald is a white rapper who is desperate for the world to know how hard it is for him to be white and a rapper. tom macdonald trump . … ... Tom MacDonald - Politically Incorrect . To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, April 4, 2016 Jim Young/Reuters.

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